What Is KuCoin?: How to Use the KuCoin Exchange
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What Is KuCoin?: How to Use the KuCoin Exchange

2 years ago

KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange that offers a variety of features and trading options along. From its native token to the trading bot, this guide has covered it all for beginners.

What Is KuCoin?: How to Use the KuCoin Exchange


Launched back in 2017, KuCoin is a global crypto exchange that provides a number of trading options to its six million users. These include spot, margin, futures, and P2P trading, along with lending, and staking. KuCoin claims to offer the most advanced level of security and a selection of nearly 400 cryptocurrencies. Despite its variety of features, it is a beginner-friendly exchange, with a sleek and easy-to-use interface. The exchange also charges some of the lowest fees in the crypto industry.

What Is KuCoin Token (KCS)?

The price of many popular exchange tokens is on an upward trend, including KuCoin’s native coin, KCS. Since August 21, 2020, the token has experienced an increase of about 700% in its price, drawing the attention of crypto and blockchain investors. With a circulating supply of 80,118,638 KCS, the exchange rewards KCS holders with bonuses daily. The initial total supply of this token was 200 million where the implementation of the burning strategy has brought the count down to around 170 million, at the time of writing.

Understanding KuCoin Exchange and KCS Token

KuCoin has a tendency to list small-cap cryptocurrencies that have huge growth potential. Additionally, it offers access to a large selection of tokens, including lesser-known coins. Moreover, it has one of the most generous profit-sharing incentives - up to 90% of trading fees are given back to KCS holders
The total market cap of KCS is currently $919,605,428 and ranks 96 on CoinMarketCap, at the time of writing. There are 80,118,638 KCS in circulation with a max supply of 170,113,638. KuCoin’s buyback and burn strategies will continue till only 100 million tokens are left.

What Makes KuCoin Unique?

Staking coins on KuCoin is a great way for users to make a passive income, as they reap the benefits of joining the KuCoin community. Those that hodl more than six KCS also have the opportunity to earn a daily bonus. 

Using the KuCoin Exchange

Just like any exchange, KuCoin has been designed to allow its users to buy, sell, and safely store a variety of cryptocurrencies either using their online platform or mobile applications. Although you can register an account using just an email address or a phone number, if you go through the verification process, you can enjoy access to advanced features in addition to reduced fees and opportunities to earn rewards. 
As for the KCS token, there are a number of applications and uses. It is used not only to pay trading fees but also to participate in events and token sales featured on KuCoin Exchange. The token is also used as a payment method across tons of applications ranging from gaming to retail to NFTs and even travel. SwirlPay, PlayGame, Travala, Print-ted, PundiX, and BetProtocol are just a few platforms that accept KCS as payment

KuCoin Trading Bot 

KuCoin offers the facility of Trading Bot that makes it easier for users to trade.
After creating an account and making a deposit, users can enter specific trading parameters and let the bot take over. Its Trading Bot uses information and analytics about the market in addition to other tools to analyze prices and forecasts. In addition to the users’ preferences, the bot then uses this combination of information to place buy and sell orders as the price moves. And voila! Trading Bot helps crypto traders make money while they sleep by recovering invested money as well as making pure profit. 
KuCoin Trading Bot offers long-term trading strategies as well. Instead of investing several thousand dollars into any cryptocurrency all at once, users can instruct the Trading Bot to invest small amounts at certain intervals over time. 
As CEO of KuCoin Global Johnny Lyu, makes note of, "Unlike other financial markets, crypto trading occurs on a 24/7/365 scale. Human traders can't keep up with the ongoing changes. KuCoin acknowledges that its Trading Bot tool will solve the problem of needing sleep and trading based on emotions. It is a passive approach to trading cryptocurrency and maximizing one's potential profit. Traders will have more time to enjoy life and do what they like, knowing that their crypto trading portfolio is working on their behalf."


KuCoin is a popular exchange platform that brings complex trading functionality to the palm of your hand. With an interface that is simple enough for beginners to understand and good enough to provide avid investors with the opportunity to make a steady income, KuCoin made it to the Forbes list of best crypto exchanges in August 2021
There are tons of coins available to buy, sell, and trade. KuCoin is a good place to start trading cryptocurrency for beginners. Investors, who are looking for more options may also check out our guide on how to use Binance.
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