Trent McConaghy

Trent McConaghy

Founder of Ocean Protocol

Who is Trent McConaghy?

Trent McConaghy founded Ocean Protocol, which is a public utility netwrok designed to safely and securely share AI data while preserving privacy. It has applications to data marketplaces and digital sovereignty.He started his career doing AI research for the national defense in the 1990s as an undergraduate and founded ADA, which was acquired by Synopsys in 2004.In his second startup, Solido, he leveraged AI to help drive Moore's Law. Solido was acquired by Siemens in 2017. His current focus in on Ocean Protocol.


"We envision many data marketplaces. Ocean Market is merely one of these. Each Ocean-powered marketplace has the benefits that we’d described above, plus has an additional opportunity to earn fees as a marketplace operator."

Picture source: Medium Profile