Lyn Alden

Lyn Alden

Founder, Lyn Alden Investment Strategy

Who is Lyn Alden?

Lyn Alden is a prominent voice in the financial world. She is a macroeconomist and analyst who studies debt, inflation, fiscal policy and all issues relating to money and the market. She is the founder of her own eponymous investment strategy firm, “Lyn Alden Investment Strategy,” where she provides research, consulting and up-to-date financial news to her tens of thousands of subscribers. Her content is catered to both self-taught investors and financial professionals with a wide range of financial and investment expertise. 


Through her investment strategy firm and consulting gigs, Lyn offers her audience both investment tutorials and specific investment ideas, with a focus on high-level strategy; she aims to keep readers up to date on changing market conditions and various asset allocation approaches to capitalize on opportunities. She publishes a weekly newsletter dedicated to topics ranging from cryptocurrencies to precious metals to ETFs to stock issues to risk management. 


Lyn’s academic background is in engineering and financial modeling. She is a frequent contributor for CoinDesk, Seeking Alpha, FEDweek and Elliot Wave Trader. Her work has also been featured on Business Insider, Marketwatch, Time’s Money Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Street, CNBC, US News and World Report, Kiplinger and the Huffington Post. In addition, she has appeared on Kitco, Real Vision, The Investor’s Podcast Network, The Rebel Capitalist Show, Macro Voices, The Market Huddle, What Bitcoin Did and many other podcasts.


"At the current time, I view Bitcoin as an asymmetric bet for a small part of a diversified portfolio, based on a) Bitcoin’s demonstrated network effect and security, b) where we are in Bitcoin’s programmed halving cycle, and c) the unusual macro backdrop that favors Bitcoin as a potential hedge."

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