Joselito Lizarondo

Joselito Lizarondo

CEO, Swipe

Who is Joselito Lizarondo?

Joselito Lizarondo is the CEO and founder of Swipe. Swipe is headquartered in the Philippines with operations in the United Kingdom and Estonia which services European users. Swipe is a multi-asset digital wallet and Visa Debit card platform designed to let users buy, sell and spend their cryptocurrencies. The Swipe platform enables users to spend cryptocurrencies in real time without having to manually convert the transactions prior. It was announced in Jul 2020 that Swipe is acquired by Binance, but Lizarondo said the company has preserved its operational independence.

In 2020, Joselito Lizarondo burnt 10 million of his founder's SXP as a show of his commitment to the product. Swipe was acquired by Binance, terms are undisclosed and the deal was announced in Jul 2020.


On product marketing, he tweeted in Dec 2020: "I’ve been seeing a lot of '@SwipeWallet why aren’t you marketing more?' Let me explain: We can’t mass market until the services are near flawless. We would be doing ourselves an injustice. Patience. We have the blueprint. 'There’s a time and place for everything.'"

Picture source: LinkedIn Profile