Brian Behlendorf

Brian Behlendorf

Executive Director Of Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation

Who is Brian Behlendorf?

Brian Behlendorf has dedicated his career to connecting and empowering the Free Software and Open Source community to solve hard technology problems and have a positive societal impact. He has assumed roles as a startup company founder, as an advisor to the U.S. government, as a board member at various non-profits and consortia, as a YGL and employee of the World Economic Forum, and as an investor. In 2020, he advanced the development of Hyperledger including launching a security tokenization platform, and creating a version with Chinese characteristics

Key quote:
When discussing digital identity and secure transactions, he said “We’re moving towards much more self-managed, self-sovereign distributed digital identity, which would not have been possible without distributed ledger technology. I know that’s a big recurring theme here that we’re hearing, and now you’re seeing legitimization in the form of the central bank’s recognizing the technology inside. So I’m feeling a tipping point,”

Picture source: David Maung/Bloomberg, via Getty