Trust Wallet


Trust Wallet is a crypto wallet software that gives its users complete ownership of their crypto funds.

What Is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is a crypto wallet software that gives its users complete ownership of their crypto funds. It’s a “non-custodial wallet” meaning the company behind it doesn’t actually hold or control your crypto. Only you can access it through special passwords called “private keys.” 

This approach comes with plenty of perks in terms of security and financial autonomy. But it also means you’re fully responsible for safeguarding your private keys. Lose them, and you lose your crypto—there’s no bank or institution to call for a password reset! That’s why Trust Wallet emphasizes encryption, backup features, and advanced safety practices for its users.

How Does Trust Wallet Function Technically?

As a “non-custodial wallet,” Trust Wallet gives you full control over your funds instead of holding them on your behalf. 

When you first install Trust Wallet, you’re given a randomly generated 12-word “seed phrase”—essentially the master key to all your crypto assets. 

Your private keys authorize the transfer or spending of crypto coins linked to their corresponding public wallet addresses. Trust Wallet’s software handles this complicated process in the background to create a smooth user experience.  

The end result? You retain total ownership as if directly interacting with the blockchain yourself. No middlemen have access to your funds. Even if Trust Wallet disappears, you can restore your holdings with a backup secret phrase on any compatible wallet. 

Supported Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

As a multi-currency wallet, Trust Wallet supports an expansive range of crypto assets—over 10 million in total across nearly 100 different blockchain networks!

This includes all the major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain native assets, and stablecoins. 

You can manage coins, utility tokens, NFTs and more with Trust Wallet’s unified interface. It’s built to be blockchain-agnostic, interacting with various networks through their public application programming interfaces (APIs). 

The team continually rolls out support for new and growing crypto projects to keep pace with where blockchain adoption spreads. And if your asset isn’t natively listed yet, just entering any token contract address adds that coin to your wallet!

How To Get Started With Trust Wallet? 

For both mobile and desktop platforms, downloading and setting up Trust Wallet only takes a few minutes. Go to the official page and download the app based to your platform.

Once installed, you can import an existing wallet with your secret keys or create a new one where you’ll get a fresh 12-word backup phrase. This unlocks all the core functionality to send/receive transactions, monitor balances, connect to Web3 apps and more based on your desired blockchain.  

Main Features of Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet comes with an impressive array of management features beyond just sending and receiving coins:

Direct Crypto Purchases

Through Trust Wallet’s third-party integrations, you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other assets directly with a debit/credit card.

Decentralized Apps and Exchanges

You can explore dApps and DeFi right inside the Trust Wallet browser! Swap tokens on DEXs like Uniswap and PancakeSwap or leverage protocol lending/staking for earning yield.

NFT Support 

You can also trade NFTs across multiple blockchains alongside crypto tokens.

Staking Rewards

Many supported crypto assets give you the ability to stake your holdings for passive income and governance rights without ever leaving Trust Wallet.