Internet Memes


A meme is an image, a video, or a piece of text that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users. They are typically humorous but can also be critical as well.

What Is an Internet Meme?

An internet meme is a unique form of expression that relies on images and other types of text-based media to create jokes or commentary about specific events. Memes are usually shared through social media platforms like Facebook or Reddit.

Memes are the digital equivalent of a catchy song, image, or video that gets viral through social media. They are often based on an event and sometimes created in imitation by others who want to replicate its success without any original thought put into it. They are transmitted by imitation and have three key characteristics: longevity - the ability to last through time; fecundity or fertility - the capacity for replication that causes them to grow exponentially among internet users, and fidelity - ensures the original content doesn't get lost among its variations.

One of the earliest memes born into the world of digits and pixels was a baby. Well, a computer-animated baby and that baby went viral. In 1996, a computer-animated baby, known as Baby Cha-Cha, was created to showcase the amazing abilities of new CGI software. That animation was the first thing to go viral over the internet.

Internet memes play a pivotal role in developing the collective psyche of all internet users. Many people don't realize how much internet memes have changed the culture over the past two decades. They have given voice to marginalized groups who want to share their perspective with others, created new spaces for discourse where there were none before, and had real-world impacts on politics.

Memes are such a great way for people to get the attention of their audience and transmit ideas. Not only do they work well as an advertising tool, but some founders rely on memes to gain more recognition of what they are doing with innovative fields, like cryptocurrency.

What Is a Crypto Meme?

A crypto meme is an image that usually takes the form of an image, video, or gif with a funny message. These messages are often targeted at crypto enthusiasts and investors. Memes are also used to make fun of people by the crypto community who either don't believe in the power of blockchain or invest in shitcoins to get rich quickly. They are the current craze in the crypto world.

The crypto space has been a hot topic for the past few years. It seems like crypto memes are taking over the internet, and it is hard to find anything crypto-related without stumbling on one. They represent an escape from the crypto market downturn and also promote new ventures that are taking place in the crypto space. Memes can be seen as a way for such enthusiasts to connect with the extended community.

What Is a Memecoin?

A memecoin is a cryptocurrency based on internet jokes. The first-ever, Dogecoin, was also the most popular at its inception, but today it stands out for being successful.

Many people think that cryptocurrencies are a joke, but some investors who don't usually invest anywhere have invested due to fewer barriers to entry and a huge variety. Many have done fairly well in this industry, and some investors have already made loads of money from them!

As of now, the crypto space is booming with new projects and investors entering the market. After Dogecoin's success, an increasing number of such projects are seeing both value growth and wider acceptance worldwide. Moreover, there were over 90 different meme coins worth checking out. The most famous of them is Dogecoin, which has the face of a Shiba Inu dog. This coin has proven successful so far, with more people adopting it every day. Apart from memecoins, there are multiple memes specifically related to the crypto community, one of which is “laser eyes.” Laser eyes indicate that a person is bullish on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is color-specific too; blue for Ethereum and red for Bitcoins!

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, the difference between a meme coin and "proper" crypto coins, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, is that the latter have utility while the first one is purely for entertainment purposes. Meme coins are often easier to buy (as their values are usually in cents) and more volatile than other cryptocurrencies. Conversely, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and numerous other projects have a purpose that makes them more viable than just being a get-rich-quick scheme.