Digital Asset Ecosystem


Digital asset ecosystem is a term that defines everything involved in the crypto space. From NFTs to futures, this terms sums up all the facilities offered and elements associated with the cr

What Is a Digital Asset Ecosystem?

A digital asset ecosystem is a place that incorporates everything that exists within the crypto space. It includes the a wide range of cryptocurrency tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), stablecoins, products and services, and futures
Since Bitcoin first entered the market in 2009, the digital currency space continues to grow. So much so, that the digital asset ecosystem is expanding into other markets as well. A few sectors experiencing growth include art (in the form of NFTs), finance with the inclusion of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), insurance, real estate, gaming, healthcare, and gambling.
The digital asset ecosystem is, essentially, a basket of different classes secured by an underlying technology, known as blockchain. These include cryptocurrencies, NFTs, stablecoins, CBDCs, and asset-backed and security-backed tokens.
With the aid of a digital asset ecosystem, traditional assets will become digitally available and accessible to investors, thus reducing the costs associated with them. With this system involving different protocols, professional investors have the opportunity to gain exposure to different areas of crypto, such as yield farming and blockchain gaming.

As can be seen, the digital asset ecosystem is an umbrella term, with many subdivisions branching off of it.


Varit Bulakul is the president of investment banking and digital assets at The Brooker Group, a publicly listed financial consultancy and capital management company based in Thailand. Varit was instrumental in the Brooker Group’s move to digital assets and drives the company’s vision to bring the digital asset ecosystem to the traditional financial services sector. The Brooker Group was the first publicly listed company to invest directly into DeFi and DApps projects. 

Prior to joining the Brooker Group, Varit was an auditor at Deloitte in Bangkok and received a BA in science in accounting and finance from Lehigh University and a master’s degree in accounting from Boston College.