CeDeFi, or centralized decentralized finance, combines traditional centralized financial services with decentralized applications, merging conventional regulatory policies with modern financi

What Is CeDeFi?

The term “CeDeFi” is new to the world of cryptocurrencies. CeDeFi, or centralized decentralized finance, is the perfect merger between centralized and decentralized finance, bringing the best functionalities of both systems. Using CeDeFi, corporations can explore innovative and modern financial products while meeting conventional financial regulatory standards.

Simply put, CeDeFi allows you to explore DeFi products, such as decentralized exchanges (DEX), liquidity aggregators, yield farming tools, lending protocols and a lot more at low transaction fees. Using CeDeFi, businesses can deploy unique smart contracts and add several products and services on a single platform while ensuring quicker transactions and lowering risks. 

As for traders, CeDeFi allows you to search and filter the best opportunities using liquidity depth, transaction fees, network fees, KYC stipulations, and withdrawal fees, leading to lower slippage, higher asset availability, and better security.

CeDeFi also addresses the growing concerns surrounding regulation and compliance relative to cryptocurrencies. With the merger of centralized and decentralized financial features, CeDeFi paves the way for institutional custodianship of DeFi protocols. 

Moreover, it helps promote the use of regulated security tokens for activities like bond issuance and settlement in DeFi stablecoins, combining many of the beneficial features of crypto assets, whether transferring or storing value. This is besides its potential to revolutionize global payments with protocols that are more rapid, affordable, and accessible.

The concept of CeDeFi started to gain significant momentum as it promises a definitive way of enabling crypto enthusiasts, both new and veterans, to operate on secure exchanges while providing them access to handpicked and vetted projects with high liquidity.

Advantages of CeDeFi

Other than bringing the best of centralized and decentralized finance, CeDeFi delivers several notable advantages, including:

  • Exchange vetted projects and tokens: All products and services are audited, reducing the likelihood of fraud.
  • Seamless deployment: Developers building dApps can quickly onboard their apps and benefit from cross-chain functionalities.
  • Greater accessibility: Investors will enjoy access to opportunities that generate higher APYs by investing in handpicked products and services that best meet their accompanying goals.
  • More compliant choices: Explore a world of modern products and infrastructure while meeting traditional financial regulations like KYC and AML.
  • Lower transaction costs & faster transaction speeds: Existing users across CeDeFi platforms have confirmed that CeDeFi fees are almost negligible.
  • Security and scalable orientation: CeDeFi offers a robust and scalable solution for security, control, and transparency across a suite of DeFi products.
  • Fewer obstacles to entry: It allows new users to explore DeFi by showing vetted trade opportunities, filtered by several factors, such as KYC, fees, and more, helping lower the barriers for less knowledgeable participants.


Sean Noga, CEO of Unizen, entered the world of crypto at its nascent stage. Having worked on a multitude of projects and a plethora of mandates over the years across brands like Hathor, DIA and Verasity, among others, Sean has hands-on experience in finance, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital assets. 

With his leadership skills and keen understanding of regulatory and compliance laws surrounding cryptocurrencies and traditional financial products, Sean is also a managing Partner at JUN Capital Management Ltd. Currently settled in Singapore, Sean is also serving as an International Baccalaureate curriculum coordinator, promoting children’s education.