BitPay is a Bitcoin payment service provider.

What Is BitPay?

BitPay is a Bitcoin payment service provider. It has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, and was originally founded in May of 2011 by Stephen Pair and Tony Gallippi. Through using BitPay, clients have the opportunity to directly be able to transfer funds to the seller’s bank account through the usage of a bitcoin wallet, and it is available in over 38 countries.
The BitPay Card is a cryptocurrency debit card that enables any user to use their Bitcoin reserves in order to make any payment throughout the entirety of the MasterCard network. The card can be used as a prepaid debit card, a reloadable debit card, but not as a credit card.

BitPay is also known for offering services such as BitPay Wallet, where people can manage and spend Bitcoin, as well as turn it into dollars to spend later on with the BitPay Card.