How to Use CMC-Community
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How to Use CMC-Community

1 year ago

Check out our quick tutorial on how to use our new social feature.

How to Use CMC-Community

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If you haven’t checked out our new social feature called “CMC-Community,” you should do that ASAP!

And if you don’t know how to use CMC-Community, here is a quick how-to guide running you through the nuts and bolts of it.

How To Register for CMC-Community

You can join CMC-Community by creating an account on CoinMarketCap. Simply click on the "Sign Up" button on the CoinMarketCap homepage and create an account with your email address.

How To Post on CMC-Community

Once you are signed up, you will see a familiar design. CMC-Community works like most other social media platforms. If you want to post something, go to your feed, type the message you want and click post. Users can also signal if they are "bullish" or "bearish" about cryptocurrencies.

How To Change Your Username and Avatar

If you want to change your username or avatar, hover over your avatar on the top right corner and click "View my profile" in the dropdown menu. You will see the account settings where you can change your avatar and username

How To Find Your Profile

You can find and edit your profile by clicking on your avatar or by clicking on "Profile" on the left side. You will see a history of your posts and likes, and you can edit your profile information with the "Edit" button.

How To Follow Accounts

You can also follow accounts to see their posts in your feed. Click on "Follow" in the "Recommended Accounts" list on the right. Alternatively, you can just click on any account’s avatar and click on Follow in their profile.

How To Read Articles

If you click on Articles on the left side, you will see a page with the latest crypto updates published by projects from the industry. You can find the most liked, most viewed and most shared articles, so you have all important crypto news and updates conveniently in one place.

How To Find Trending Topics and Coins

You can look for news about trending coins by clicking on one of the trending coin tickers on the right side. You can also type another coin ticker in the search bar to find news and posts about that coin ($ETH for Ethereum, for example).

Follow your first projects on “CMC-Community” now!

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