The Future's Virtual: CoinMarketCap's Crypto Awards Are Here!

The Future's Virtual: CoinMarketCap's Crypto Awards Are Here!

2 months ago

CoinMarketCap is launching its first online Crypto Awards event in March to celebrate innovation and achievement across the crypto industry in an inclusive, global way.

The Future's Virtual: CoinMarketCap's Crypto Awards Are Here!

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This March, CoinMarketCap is launching its very first Crypto Awards, and guess what? It's all happening online. Yep, we're taking this celebration of crypto's best and brightest online, and there are many good reasons for it.

It's All About Crypto

First off, CoinMarketCap is a gigantic encyclopedia of on-chain data that everyone in crypto eventually visits, maybe even as a first stop in their crypto journey.

Need to know something about a crypto project or looking for the latest Web3 data? We've got it. We aim to make crypto info as accessible and transparent as possible, helping everyone make informed decisions, from newbies to pros. You're welcome!

We've seen our share of ups and downs since 2013, standing strong with the crypto community through thick and thin. This journey taught us all resilience and sparked innovation, shaping us into the crypto data authority we are today.

While we all love decentralization, rest assured, the crypto community has a home at CoinMarketCap.

So Why Virtual?

Sure, the real-world crypto events are cool and all that, but they can be pretty exclusive and pricey. Plane tickets, hotels, and the price of admission add up to thousands of dollars, and all you get is a disappointing lunch buffet, a couple of stickers, and some questionable swag that you'll only be wearing at home. While it's fun doxxing Crypto Twitter bros and gals IRL and talking sh*t about sh*tcoins, that money could go a lot further.

That's not how we roll.

Crypto is a global movement, and there's a project out there that fits every use case and wallet of every user. We want to connect with as many crypto fans as possible from all around the globe to help them see where the benchmarks of excellence in Web3 reside.

Going virtual means anyone with an internet connection can join. Plus, we get to funnel all those saved dollars straight back into where it matters: you, our community, and some awesome future projects already in the pipeline.

However, we're not just broadcasting; we're interacting. You can tell us what you think by voting for your favorite projects and leaders. It's a two-way street where we bow to the Web3 values of community and connection. In fact…

Expect the Unexpected

Like everything crypto, our awards will surprise you. We're celebrating the perseverance, creativity, and everything in between that makes this space exciting.

Our aim? To make the Crypto Awards a flagship global virtual event that shares the best that our industry has to offer with anyone, anywhere in the world, on their favorite device. We're all in this together, and after all, Web3 is all about being digital and decentralized, and so are we. With live streaming tech, we're erasing borders and time zones, sharing the inspiration behind each award just like the borderless blockchain tech we all love.

And who better than CoinMarketCap to do this? Here are four great reasons:

Resilience and Innovation

The crypto space is tough, but its spirit is tougher. We are growing stronger with each setback. At our virtual awards, we're shining a light on those never-give-up moments and the out-of-the-box thinking that keeps the industry vibrant and growing. It's all about celebrating the creativity that tackles challenges head-on.

Authority and Experience

On-chain data never lies, and to paraphrase, the crypto cameraman never dies.

CoinMarketCap isn't just another player in the game; we're the original. We've seen the best and worst of crypto and have been recording every exhilarating pump and devastating crash for your benefit.

We have our fingers on the pulse of every single strain and ecosystem of crypto ingenuity.  Whether in DeFi, Web3, AI, NFTs, meme coins, or DePIN. So, we're uniquely positioned to recognize and honor the achievements that matter.

Celebration and Recognition

This event is our way of throwing a massive party for the crypto and Web3 communities. We're celebrating the wins, the hard work, and the sheer brilliance that fuel our industry. It's about giving credit where it's due and showing that these achievements are seen and valued.

Growth and Visionaries

The future of crypto is brighter than ever, thanks to the visionaries leading the way. Our awards spotlight the individuals and projects that are not just part of the journey but are paving new paths. We're all about supporting and giving kudos to those who dare to dream and innovate.

So… It's a Date

CoinMarketCap is committed to recognizing those propelling us forward one block at a time, and we're proud to pioneer a virtual celebration aligned with the digital assets we champion. So join us online this March - the future is happening before our eyes, and we want you to be a part of it.

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