Revealed: How Many Adults Own Crypto Worldwide
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Revealed: How Many Adults Own Crypto Worldwide

2 years ago

Nigeria, Malaysia and Australia have the highest rates of adoption, while Japan is lagging behind.

Revealed: How Many Adults Own Crypto Worldwide

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A new survey suggests that 11.4% of adults around the world own crypto — with Nigeria, Malaysia and Australia having the highest rates of adoption. 

On the other end of the scale, just 4.6% of adults in Japan have gained exposure to digital assets.

According to Finder, a whopping 24.2% of Nigeria’s online population have invested in at least one digital asset, with Malaysia on 18% and Australia on 17.8%.

Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, the Philippines, Mexico and the U.S. make up the top 10.

Finder’s research also broke down where cryptocurrencies have the highest levels of penetration.

The U.S. tops the rankings for Dogecoin, Australians are crazy about Cardano, Indonesia digs Binance Coin, and Singapore is keen on Ether. 

Even more surprisingly, just 58.9% of crypto investors worldwide own Bitcoin, with many embracing other assets. 

Interesting Insights

Finder’s data also confirms that a wide gap continues to exist between genders when it comes to crypto ownership. Men are 1.4 times more likely to have made an investment.

However, this divide has narrowed dramatically in some countries. In Ireland, Italy, Colombia, Brazil and the Philippines, men only narrowly own crypto more than women — and in Mexico, women are more likely to have exposure to digital assets than men.

A total of 41,165 people were polled across 22 countries.

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