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Register for CoinMarketCap's API

Register for the CoinMarketCap API — it's as easy as 1..2..3.

Register for CoinMarketCap's API
If you're already checking CoinMarketCap every day for your daily dose of cryto prices, CMC's API can give you even more data to make more informed decisions in the market.
CMC offers API plans that start at free for personal use, and increases in price depending on what your data needs are. Check out our API plans available here.
To get started with using the CMC API, you need to start by registering a new account to get your API key. You can start here!

Once you have registered, you can now get your API key from your API dashboard:

Almost there! You can now read about our API in our documentation: we recommend using Postman as the easiest way for testing the API. You can download it here.
After you set up Postman, you can import CMC's latest Postman collection — following the steps in the screenshot below — by adding this URL:

Finally, you can update the collection variables by setting the base URL to and selecting your new API key.

You can follow the five simple steps in the image below to set this up.

And that's it! You can now start using our set of APIs! Each entry has default parameters set up, so you can get started without a lot of configuration.

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