Join Our Diamond Rewards Lucky Draw

Join Our Diamond Rewards Lucky Draw

2 years ago

CoinMarketCap users now have the chance to win a random amount of Diamonds.

Join Our Diamond Rewards Lucky Draw

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What Is the Lucky Draw?

CoinMarketCap Diamonds reward our loyal users with rewards that they can then spend on NFTs, avatars, mystery boxes and more. 

While before, you could earn Diamonds by logging into CoinMarketCap every day, participating in airdrops, and making price predictions — there is a new way to earn in town. 

Now, for the price of 100 Diamonds, you can participate in a lucky draw that could give up as much as 1,000 back!

You are allowed to participate in the lucky draw just three times each day.

How to Use Our Lucky Draw

Simply log in, go to the Diamonds reward page and search for the “Random Diamonds” reward category.

Remember, you never know what you might get — it could be 20 Diamonds, but it could be 1,000!

What Other Diamond Rewards Do We Have in Store?

We have so many ideas for different ways to reward our users for visiting CoinMarketCap. 

Keep checking back to our Diamonds rewards page to see what new prizes we have added!
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