CMC Daily, Oct. 25: What's in Elon Musk's Wallet?
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CMC Daily, Oct. 25: What's in Elon Musk's Wallet?

2 years ago

We now know that SHIBA INU definitely isn't one of the billionaire's investments. Plus... would you get your eyeball scanned in exchange for some free crypto?

CMC Daily, Oct. 25: What's in Elon Musk's Wallet?

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Could 'Brutal' ETF Price War Break Out? 👀

Bitcoin has bounced back after briefly dipping below $60,000 over the weekend. But there's another big story brewing. Some analysts are predicting a "brutal" price war could emerge between BTC ETFs making their debut in the U.S. VanEck is plotting a futures-based fund that would be considerably cheaper than the two ETFs that launched last week. Our story.

SHIB Crashes After Elon Musk's Rejection ❌

It was a perfectly innocent tweet — a fan account asking Elon Musk how SHIBA INU he owned. They probably didn't expect him to make a brutal one-word reply: "None." The Tesla CEO helped the altcoin dramatically pull back from all-time highs set on Sunday. However, Musk did reveal the three cryptocurrencies he does have in his wallet. Find out what they are.

130,000 Scan Eyeballs for Free Crypto 👁

A project that's attempting to distribute crypto to everyone on Earth says 130,000 people have had their eyeballs scanned for free tokens. Worldcoin is aiming to increase crypto adoption — and says this technology has reached just 3% of the global population so far. The project's plans are ambitious, and some critics have raised concerns about privacy. Here's why.

Facebook Whistleblower Lives on Crypto 🔥

Frances Haugen shocked the world when she released thousands of internal documents about Facebook. She compared the tech giant to Big Tobacco — and claimed the company harms children. Speaking to The New York Times, Haugen revealed she can support herself because she "did buy crypto at the right time," and now lives in Puerto Rico. Read more here.

Will U.S. Tax Your Unregistered Capital Gains? 🇺🇸

An interview by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen caused a stir over the weekend. She revealed the U.S. is examining plans to tax unregistered capital gains. This caused outrage on Crypto Twitter, but it's important to note that these measures would only target billionaires, rather than everyday investors. Her remarks on inflation were far more interesting.
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