Launching @Midjourneyfeeebot

Launching @Midjourneyfeeebot

1 year ago

Launching @Midjourneyfeeebot
📈 Hey, community!

Last month, all eyes were on the actively growing rate and the news on the letter from Binance: and negotiations with the largest exchange: That’s why we decided not to shift the focus and made a few corrections to our content plan.

🚀 The article on the promotion of Midjourney artificial intelligence and a free platform: on the Decimal ecosystem was already expecting its turn to be published but we delayed it, and several changes happened in this time:
🔸 Midjourney shut down the free testing generation for users, and this means that now our bot is in more demand; 🔸 The major part of the project has been executed, including user registration, group subscription verification, requests in different languages, optional language choice, link between discord and Telegram bots, request optimization;
🔸 A close testing has already been processed.

🔥 And today, we’re announcing the launch of the first @midjourneyfreebot version. And just a few hours before the launch announcement, in the first hours of its operation, 40 users already used the bot, in the second hour, there were 56 users, and now their number is almost 100. It means that its user involvement model is really working. Users search for a free bot in the search line, find it and then share with their friends.
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