TEKKON Informatic (Mar 2023)

TEKKON Informatic (Mar 2023)

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TEKKON Informatic (Mar 2023)

TEKKON, an app that protects cities from infrastructure crises, now has over 100,000 users!

The Whole Earth Foundation (hereafter, WEF), a NPO that builds, provides, and operates a citizen-participation-type infrastructure information platform, employs the social contribution-type Web3 application TEKKON to thoroughly inspect aging infrastructure while having fun with citizen power. The number of registered users has surpassed 100,000.

The WEF launched the predecessor app of TEKKON, “Guardian of Steel and Concrete,” in July 2021, and citizens have worked together since then under the slogan, “Protect infrastructure together with citizens.” By posting photos and reviewing infrastructure, we are promoting activities to comprehensively inspect infrastructure globally with the goal of ensuring infrastructure safety. Aside from expanding functions to collect detailed data and expanding incentives and campaigns to make it more enjoyable, the promotion of SDGs throughout society is also a tailwind, with the number of registered users steadily increasing.

TEKKON has surpassed 100,000 registered users in half a year since its public release on October 17, 2022.
Participation by citizens spreads Tekkon activities.
The outcomes of citizen cooperation as of March 28, 2023, are as follows.
Over 3 million photographs of manholes were gathered by the public. Daily posts are becoming more frequent!
Along with the regular Tekkon events that citizens engage in, from February through the end of March, there will also be the global TEKKON Infrastructure Hunting event, which will take place in November 2023.

Additionally, since utility poles were added as new targets for infrastructure photography in October of last year, we have gathered over 300,000 data on them. We acquired almost three times as much utility pole data than the 10,600 in January as a result of the promotion that began in February, where you can get three times as many points if you upload more than 300 utility poles every day.

Implemented “Utility Pole Hunting” events in the Philippines, establishing a user community both in Japan and abroad!

This time, as an overseas event, we held it five times in March in the three major cities of the Philippines. (Manila, Davao, and Cebu). It was designated as a focused location for gathering infrastructure data through events. Over the course of five days, we were able to photograph 7,418 utility poles in the target area with the assistance of individuals. (Total participants: 83)

As we pursue future growth, we want to frequently undertake infrastructure hunting activities in the Philippines, Japan, and other nations.

Waterworks, manholes, utility poles, and guardrails are examples of social infrastructure that is essential to our daily lives. It is a necessary infrastructure not only in Japan, but in any city around the world, but aging is a significant social issue.

The WEF believes there is a way to involve the general public (citizens) in problem solving and prevent infrastructure from collapsing.

We are promoting a replenishment system.

We will continue to operate TEKKON with the goal of creating an ecosystem capable of “protecting infrastructure alongside citizens”.

Name of Application: TEKKON
Fee:Free to Play
iOS:App Store(iPhone)
Software:iOS iPhone(iPhone6s + OS ver.15 later)
Android:Android(Android OS ver.7 or later)
Started:October 17, 2022

Whole Earth Foundation;
Headquarters: Singapore
Japan Office: Shibuya 1-chome Building 7F, 1–3–9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: December 2020
URL: http://www.wholeearthfoundation.org/ja/

The Whole Earth Foundation is about citizen participation. It is an organization thatpromotes activities aimed at solving social issues of aging infrastructure by participating ina game. In “TEKKON” using Web3, tokens are used as rewards for infrastructure data. Itis a mechanism that encourages users to collect more infrastructure data and returnseconomic value to users who have contributed to society. Functions of the new app“TEKKON” will continually be enhanced and the circle of social activities “Tekkatsu”expanded through the “Manhole Holy War” event nationwide, which has been held so farto call for citizen participation.
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