Highlighting Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) For Lithosphere Smart Contracts
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Highlighting Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) For Lithosphere Smart Contracts

1 year ago

Lithosphere Introduces Deep Neural Networks for Smart Contracts, a First in the Blockchain Industry

Highlighting Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) For Lithosphere Smart Contracts

DNNs are a type of neural network that can handle vast amounts of data and identify patterns and relationships that humans might miss. They work by having several layers of artificial neurons that process data inputs and output predictions or classifications. During training, the weights and biases of the neurons are adjusted to minimize the error between the predicted output and the actual output.

Applications of Deep Neural Networks

Deep neural networks have many applications in various fields. Some notable examples include:

  1. Computer Vision: DNNs are used in facial recognition, object detection, and image segmentation, among other applications.
  2. Natural Language Processing: DNNs are used in language translation, sentiment analysis, and speech recognition.
  3. Robotics: DNNs are used to enable robots to learn from experience and adapt to new situations.
  4. Finance: DNNs are used in stock market prediction, fraud detection, and credit risk analysis.
Lithosphere plans to incorporate large-scale DNNs into smart contracts, allowing for intelligent applications such as detecting abnormal token price movements in decentralized finance, trading tokens automatically in a decentralized autonomous organization, and generating visual art images to tokenize as non-fungible tokens tradable on a decentralized exchange.

You can read more about DNNs in Lithosphere’s v1 whitepaper and the DNN yellow paper. Join our community on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and our Website.

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