CoinMarketCap Launches a New, Enhanced Price Estimate Feature

CoinMarketCap Launches a New, Enhanced Price Estimate Feature

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2 years ago

Now, you can see a history of your own estimates, as well as how everyone else has been guessing for the past six months.

CoinMarketCap Launches a New, Enhanced Price Estimate Feature


Back in May, we launched our price estimate feature that allows all of our users to guess the price of their favorite coins. Lots of our users participated in the estimates and contributed to the price prediction model we designed. After a few months of data collection, we are launching a new price estimate dashboard along with the leaderboard and personal estimate page! 

What Is the Price Estimate Dashboard?

We’ve collected the data submitted from our users since May in order to calculate some key statistics for you to browse. 

On this new page, we display the top six popular coins that most of our users make predictions for, and the stats for these hot coins. We also list those coins our users made the best estimations for in the past month — the ranking is based on how accurately users estimated. 

From here, users can go to individual coins or tokens to view the estimation details or make new estimates. We hope that you can find some interesting inspiration for your next investment move!

What Is the Leaderboard?

Among all the users making predictions, we calculate an estimation score for each user and rank them in the leaderboard. This estimation score is calculated based on a user’s closest estimates, average estimate accuracy as well as the coverage of estimates for the past six months. 

The more coins you predict — and the better you predict — could get you at a higher position on the leaderboard! 

If you are interested in seeing other users' predictions, simply click on the username and check the stats!

Please note this leaderboard updates once a month. Check where you are right now and don’t lose any time to try to rank higher in the next month!

What Is the Personal Estimate Page?

You might have placed lots of estimates from time to time, and it’s hard to keep track of all the estimates made before. Don’t worry, we consolidated your estimates and key statistics on one page for you! 

On this page, users can view their own estimated statistics and the accuracy chart calculated from the past six months of data. Users are also able to view a list of coins and tokens that they have placed the estimates for a specific month. 

Potential Future Developments

Soon, we’ll be introducing the daily task and leaderboard award for you to collect more CoinMarketCap Diamonds! 

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