CMC’s New “Coin Detail Page (CDP)” Makes Crypto Tracking Easier Than Ever

CMC’s New “Coin Detail Page (CDP)” Makes Crypto Tracking Easier Than Ever

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Learn how to use CoinMarketCap's improved coin pages to analyze crypto with in-depth analytics and on-chain data!

CMC’s New “Coin Detail Page (CDP)” Makes Crypto Tracking Easier Than Ever


This is a small step for crypto but a giant leap for CoinMarketCap:

For the first time in 10 years, CoinMarketCap has overhauled the coin detail page!

We wanted to improve your page experience and make it easier to navigate and discover information about cryptocurrencies.

Here is the new look👇

Our brand-new three-column coin page design!

It supercharges your cryptocurrency research and makes discovering new gems and researching familiar coins 100X easier.

Here is how the new coin page makes your crypto research easier.

Navigate Easily Around the Page

The new layout makes a coin page a breeze. The most important info just pops straight at you:

On tablets, the page shrinks to two columns and the mobile version shows you one column at a time.

You can now easily scroll with your thumb and not get in conflict with the chart, which makes the user experience so much smoother.

Moreover, with the new table view and the improved navigation, it is easier to find the relevant information you are looking for. In other words: no more jumping back and forth between different pages but find everything you need in one spot!

Switch Quickly Between Coins

With the new watchlist and portfolio widgets, you can easily switch between the coins you are most interested in tracking:

Important Info Is Easy on the Eye

The new progress bars visualize numerical information in a way that is easy to understand and digest:

Check The Latest Coin Ratings

With the new ratings average compiled of ratings from different institutions, you get a ballpark estimate of how solid a coin is:

The following institutions provide ratings for coins:

  • TokenInsight
  • Certik
  • Xangle
  • Baserank
  • Cyberscope

CoinMarketCap aggregates an average of these ratings and displays it on the page as a star rating, with five stars being the maximum. The methodology of each rating is proprietary to the institution issuing it and is based on factors like security, health, resilience, roadmap & progress, token performance, ecosystem development and others (Disclaimer: CoinMarketCap is not responsible for the quality or suitability of the ratings and does not endorseendorse or recommend them as a sign of approval for a coin).

You can find more about our methodology here.

Get Even More Info With Historical Data

If you need more information about how the crypto has performed historically, that is covered in the link with historical data:

You can also download a coin’s price history in the middle column by clicking on the button with the downward-pointing arrow:

Stay on Top of Things With The News Feed

Each coin has a news feed displaying relevant news in chronological order. That way, you never miss a development about a cryptocurrency again.

No More Walls of Text

Our coin descriptions have been revamped into FAQs with collapsible headings. That way, you do not drown in a wall of text anymore and can easily learn more about a crypto when you want to.

Run the Numbers With Analytics

Our new analytics section displays the most important info about a coin across different timeframes in a numerical and visual way. This indispensable feature will undoubtedly flip your crypto research on its head:

The most important on-chain data is aggregated to display useful holder statistics that you can use for your own coin investments.

A Facelift for an Old Hottie

The coin details page has been the defining feature of CoinMarketCap. But who says an old beauty cannot get a facelift?

You can now access coin charts on a new page or compare one coin to another to reveal even more data and analyze coins in more detail:

Scrolling down the column, you can find analytics about things like:

  • Open interest
  • Funding rates
  • Index and basis prices

You can also click on TradingView, and open the coin chart in a new window in the same tab to perform a more detailed technical analysis:

Moreover, markets can be dragged horizontally with the click of a mouse button.

Stay on Top of It All With CMC-Community

And last but not least, our growing CMC-Community is where you meet like-minded people to talk about new coin developments. The community section has also been given a revamped layout, with project announcements and news featuring in the Latest tab of the column.

So, why not try these cool features yourself?

Check out our new CDP page now!  👇

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