A Deep Dive into MetaHero
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A Deep Dive into MetaHero

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Metahero is bringing metascanning technology to the metaverse in a bid to recruit the next ten million crypto users.

A Deep Dive into MetaHero


The pandemic brought us remote work, virtual happy hours, online concerts, and an increasingly blurry line between what’s “real” and what’s digital. 

With people spending more time online, the metaverse starts to feel more tangible by the day. In the metaverse, there’s already an insatiable appetite for unique assets, whether they be digital art, personal avatars, or other virtual items. And into this space steps MetaHero, a project working to enable people to port items, and indeed themselves, into the digital realm.

What Is Metahero? 

Metahero is a recently launched project on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that combines 3D scanning technology with non-fungible token (NFTsmart contracts to enable the creation of unique meta avatars and meta-objects. 

At the core of Metahero is 3D scanning technology that analyzes a real-world object to collect data on its appearance and render it digitally. To access the best 3D scanners, Metahero has partnered with Wolf Studio, whose technology has been used in the music, gaming, and fashion industries.

Metahero arms its users with this ability to turn essentially anything into an ultra-realistic NFT. But simply recreating something digitally is only part of the value. Every Metahero NFT is registered immutably on the blockchain and is instantly monetizable. And in this way, Metahero builds a marketplace and token ecosystem to provide entrepreneurs and creators access to the unique, all-digital opportunities of the future. 

Who Is Behind Metahero? 

The story of Metahero begins with Codewise, a Krakow-based startup and one of the fastest-growing European software firms of the last few years. Codewise was acquired in 2020, and its CEO, Robert Gryn, took $10 million of the proceeds and committed it to self-funding his vision for the metaverse. 

Although Metahero was formed in 2021, Gryn is deeply involved with web3, most notably, as an angel investor into Tenset, a bridge between the traditional stock market and crypto. The Metahero team features numerous Codewise alumni and a rapidly expanding cast of developers, engineers, and community builders.

How Does Metahero Work? 

Metahero Scanning 

Metahero scanners are a technological novelty. Each one uses a mobile 3D chamber consisting of 16 movable stanchions with a server unit and four cameras. In addition, there are a total of 64 devices poised to capture images in perfect synchronization. 

To give users access to 3D scanning, Metahero plans to set up scanning chambers in strategic locations around the world. To start, there are plans to install 12 chambers in areas with a strong culture of technology and gaming. Their first-generation 4K public chamber is already operational in Doha, Qatar. Other cities that will follow include Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Seoul, and many others. 

All that’s required to use Metahero scanning is to download their app and hold a certain number of HERO tokens, the platform’s native asset, in your wallet to pay for the scan. Metahero will charge around $200 USD for a full-body scan, comparatively less than average rates.   

Metahero APP

The Metahero app is another pillar of the Metahero ecosystem. Although there are elaborate plans for the future, the first iteration of the app will act as a vehicle for holding and transacting in HERO tokens. Later, the app will also allow users to license the NFTs, track all metrics related to their HERO activity, and function as a fiat onramp. 
In particular, integrating the app with the fiat system is a vital part of Metahero’s strategy to drive mass adoption. At present, in order to obtain HERO and participate in next-generation 3D scanning, users must acquire BNB tokens on BNB Smart Chain and then purchase HERO via PancakeSwap — a process with quite a bit of friction. 

Once subsequent versions of the app are complete, users will be able to skip this friction and go from their local currency to HERO in a few clicks. Metahero also has aspirations to integrate with Visa, which would allow HERO holders to spend tokens on daily expenses. 

HERO Token

The HERO token is a utility token that gives a user access to the Metahero ecosystem. The token employs a novel deflationary model that decreases the total supply over time. In terms of use, HERO gives its holder the ability to transact on the Metahero NFT marketplace, pay for royalties, or fund scans of their own. 

The HERO public sale took place in June 2021 via the Tenset Gems Platform. The launch and public presale were followed by an IDO on Pancakeswap in July 2021. The total supply of HERO is capped at 10 billion, and there are locking mechanisms in place to discourage token dumping. 

Given its focus on mass adoption, Metahero requires an environment with affordable and fast transactions. And according to the team, the HERO token was launched on BSC with scalability and inclusivity in mind. 

What Makes Metahero Unique?

There are countless crypto projects that focus on NFTs and gaming, but few add 3D scanning into the mix. Metahero then is an answer to the question, what would it be like to inject yourself into the internet? 

By building a bridge between the physical and digital, the Metahero team is betting that the future is less about flying cars and more about finding synergies between emerging technologies. By utilizing AR, VR, cloud servers, blockchain, and ultra HD scanning, Metahero aims to create something entirely new.

Should the project succeed, Metahero will be a critical connection point between the digital and physical. And it could be a major player in the early colonization of virtual worlds — worlds with boundless potential for self-expression and value generation. 

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