Sanjay Raghavan, writer

Sanjay Raghavan

VP of web3 Initiatives at Roofstock onChain.


Sanjay is the VP of web3 Initiatives of Roofstock onChain, the web3 subsidiary of Roofstock, where he leads the real estate investing platform’s blockchain initiative. Sanjay is also an Advisor at Pudgy Penguins NFTs and Huma Finance. With over 20 years of finance and product experience, Sanjay has an extensive background consulting, developing, and founding several financial companies. Prior to Sanjay’s current role at Roofstock, he was the Co-creator and GM of Roofstock One, an innovative, transparent rental investment platform that allows accredited investors to get targeted exposure to the economics of curated SFR properties. Before joining Roofstock, Sanjay served as a Product Manager at Renew Financial and Director of Carolina Financial Group LLC. He also co-founded LCAP Advisors which provides Wall Street caliber portfolio analysis and risk assessment solutions to small banks and credit unions for their on-balance sheet loans. Sanjay has a Masters in Business Administration from The Wharton School.

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