Rachel Kim, writer

Rachel Kim

Rachel Kim is the Senior Manager of Events and Partnerships at ShardLab


Rachel is a seasoned events and partnerships expert with over a decade of experience in hospitality and event management. She began her career in hotels, where she excelled in coordinating and executing various banquet events tailored to clients' needs, earning recognition as Best Employee from a Leading Quality Assurance Brand Audit. Her role in the hotel's opening further showcased her skills in setting service standards. Transitioning to private dining in London, Rachel served as Service Operation Manager, implementing successful promotions and events that significantly increased reservations and improved the restaurant's visibility through social media marketing. During her tenure at WeWork Korea, Rachel doubled team revenue by strengthening account relationships and implementing innovative partnership revenue models. Currently, as Senior Manager of Events and Partnerships at ShardLab, she organizes major events such as the upcoming Southeast Asia Blockchain Week 2024. Rachel's exceptional project management, communication skills, and ability to multitask highlight her leadership in driving successful events and partnerships.

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