WAGMI and NGMI: What Do They Mean?
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WAGMI and NGMI: What Do They Mean?

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The crypto sphere is quite familiar with WAGMI and NGMI. Today, CMC Academy discusses where did these terms come from, and what they stand for.

WAGMI and NGMI: What Do They Mean?

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Contrary to popular belief, the term WAGMI has a long-standing history outside of the crypto sphere. The late Russian-Australian bodybuilder Zyzz popularized the term in a motivational video. In typical Australian fashion, he said:

“You gotta be a ripped c*nt. You gotta be a shredded c*nt. You gotta go to the gym. (…) you gotta not give a f*ck. That’s what we do bro. That’s what the Zyzz c*nts do. That’s what the revolution is, bro. None of this f*cking sad c*nt sh*t. We’re all going to f*cking make it bro, that’s it!

Most of you will have put together what WAGMI means by now. It stands for “We’re All Gonna Make It.” After Zyzz passed away in 2011, the phrase stuck around and gained popularity outside of the fitness community/

It wasn’t until 2021 that WAGMI reached the Wallstreetbets community. The subreddit community took up arms against Wall Street to squeeze the hedge funds out of their short positions. WAGMI became a battle cry, showing camaraderie and a sense of belief in their success.
The term NGMI was born not much later, expressing disapproval of anyone that was not on board. It stands for “Not Gonna Make It.
From there, WAGMI and NGMI bled into the crypto sphere. These terms are used as a form of encouragement and to react to another person’s thoughts. Traders use the term WAGMI when they long the same altcoin, and when they HODL through the bear market. At the same time, NGMI is used when other traders don’t have diamond hands, consider selling during a dip, or take profits too soon.

Examples of WAGMI and NGMI

  • “People that think Bitcoin is going to $13.000 are NGMI and will miss out on the next bull run.”
  • “Hold on to your bags tight bro, WAGMI.”
  • “If you sell now, you are NGMI bro!”

All in all, WAGMI and NGMI have become a key part of crypto culture. They are opposites as WAGMI serves as encouragement, whereas NGMI is seen as a negative statement. These terms should only be taken as a joke. Don’t get too worked up when someone tells you you’re NGMI! Trading involves going against the masses from time to time. If that means the masses say you are NGMI, so be it!

In the end, WAGMI!

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