Visa Buys a Crypto Punk: Crypto News Recap, Aug. 23
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Visa Buys a Crypto Punk: Crypto News Recap, Aug. 23

Today, Visa has made its first public steps into the world of NFTs, while the Poly Network white hat hacker gets creative in his explanation.

Visa Buys a Crypto Punk: Crypto News Recap, Aug. 23

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Visa Buys $150K CryptoPunk, Pitches NFT Consulting 💳

Visa used the purchase of a $150,000, mohawk-sporting CryptoPunk NFT to publicize its role as a consultant to businesses that are interested in using super-hot non-fungible tokens. Along with revenue, brand-building, and customer engagement, Visa suggested data mining NFT wallets to better pitch buyers - even anonymously. Read more here.

“Mr. White Hat” Returns Last of Poly Network’s Hacked $612M 💰

Poly Network thanked the hacker known as “Mr. White Hat” after he returned the last of the $612 million he stole from cross-chain protocol two weeks ago. The hacker signed an Ethereum transaction message “Your Chief Security Advisor.” That’s a job Poly Network offered, along with a $500 million bug bounty, as the stolen crypto was returned. See the news.

Coinbase Promises USDC Reserves Going Back to Cash 💸

Facing criticism, Coinbase President and COO Emilie Choi said the USD Coin stablecoin would return its reserves to 100% cash or cash equivalents in September. A recent audit showed USDC is partially backed other investments, despite the longtime promise of 100% U.S. dollar backing. “Our language could have been clearer here,” Choi said. Get the details here.

Blockchain Has Gone Mainstream, 81% of Finance Execs Say 👏

A new survey from top auditing and consulting firm Deloitte found 81% of financial service industry executives believe blockchain has achieved mainstream adoption. The biggest barriers to crypto adoption are regulatory problems, cybersecurity, and legacy Big FInance, they said. “We’ve seen a significant shift in thinking,” a Deloitte consultant added. Check it out here.
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