Turn Your CoinMarketCap Avatar Into an NFT!

Turn Your CoinMarketCap Avatar Into an NFT!

Your CoinMarketCap profile picture just became an NFT — how do you like that?

Turn Your CoinMarketCap Avatar Into an NFT!

For the first time ever, CoinMarketCap users will now be able to turn their Diamond rewards avatars into exclusive NFTs.

CoinMarketCap users are probably already familiar with the Diamonds reward program  interact with various features of our site, earn Diamond rewards and redeem them for prizes like NFTs, avatars and more in our rewards store!
If you have redeemed a CoinMarketCap avatar before, then you need to go to the “My Rewards” section in your CoinMarketCap account. There, you will find your avatar rewards and will be able to add your ERC-1155 address. Your NFT avatar will be minted with Enjin and distributed to you at a later date.
If you are redeeming an avatar with your Diamonds for the first time, you will also need to enter your ERC-1155 address. You can also check to see if you have received your NFT on the Enjin JumpNet network once they have been minted.

What are you waiting for? Go earn some Diamonds and get your exclusive NFT avatars today!

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