The NEW CoinMarketCap Lock Screen
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The NEW CoinMarketCap Lock Screen

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See your favorite coins and tokens right from your iPhone’s lock screen.

The NEW CoinMarketCap Lock Screen

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Crypto is a rollercoaster of bull runs and bear traps, and staying on top of the market at all times will forever be a challenge for even the most experienced of traders
Forgetting to check your phone and missing the perfect opportunity, hurts really bad. And not noticing a flash dip, then seeing your favorite coin 2x while you were sleeping?
Yikes, worse than a breakup.
We’ve all been there, but what if we told you that you’d never have to experience that heart-wrenching pain ever again?
Thanks to the new CMC lock screen widget, you can now scan the most important updates that have happened in the market instantly — you get to access your customized list of favorite coins straight from your phone’s lock screen so you never miss a beat. This saves you a whole lot of clicks from going to our app or website and losing precious time.
In most cases, it’s not even about saving those extra seconds, it’s just that the friction of opening your app stops you from checking it in the first place — and you continue to avoid checking until it’s far, far too late.
So, what exactly do you get with this new widget?

Firstly, be sure you have an iPhone that’s upgraded to the latest version of iOS 16…

Then you can find the following options:


CMC’s Top Coins

#1 - Coins List (top 1 coin by rank)
#2 - Coins List (top 3 coins by rank)

Your CMC Watchlist

#1 - Main Watchlist (top 1 coin by rank)
#2 - Main Watchlist (top 3 coins by rank)

Your CMC Portfolio

#1 - Main Portfolio (top 1 coin by holdings)
#2 - Main Portfolio (top 3 coins by holdings)


As you can see, the widget comes with three different categories, each serving a different purpose.
The first category highlights the top coin by rank, then the top three coins.
The second category highlights the top coin in your main watchlist, then the top three coins.
And the final category highlights the top coin in your main portfolio, then the top three coins.

And there you have it!

Be sure to download the widget today to never lose track of your coins, and always have your finger on the pulse so you know when it’s time to buy or sell - all from the comfort of your phone’s lock screen.

👉 Download Here ​​👈

If you need help adding widgets to your iPhone, see Apple's guide.

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