The Crypto Boom's Contribution to the Job Market
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The Crypto Boom's Contribution to the Job Market

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LinkedIn, AngelList, and Monster now have tens of thousands of openings for crypto and blockchain-related jobs - but it hasn’t always been this way.

The Crypto Boom's Contribution to the Job Market

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The early crypto space was comprised of just a handful of entrepreneurs wearing ten different hats and sleeping in the office to get their projects off the ground. 

There was a near-zero demand for blockchain developers and other crypto roles. Many of the early crypto and blockchain projects were developed as pastimes.

Today, however, crypto and blockchain experience is highly sought after in the global job market. 

There Are Many Jobs in the Crypto Industry

Don’t worry if you’re not a blockchain developer or if you lack basic programming experience. Crypto firms are still desperate for people with soft skills, as well as sales, marketing, and management experience. 

Coinbase currently has 398 job openings on its careers board, most of which are in HR & recruitment, marketing, and customer experience. 
During an interview with Bloomberg in June 2021, the co-founder of Coinbase, Fred Ehrsam III, stated his belief that crypto could create “as many if not more jobs than the internet.”
Similarly, Binance’s founder Changpeng Zhao told BloombergWe are hiring aggressively.” When asked about potential growth in the industry, Zhao said “We see the industry growing exponentially on a year-to-year basis, and we need to scale our team to cope with it.”
Binance has 453 job openings at the time of writing, 99 of which are engineering-based, but many others are in customer experience, marketing, and communications.
Comparatively smaller exchanges like Kraken and Gemini each have nearly a hundred open positions. 

Traditional Firms Seek Crypto and Blockchain Experts

Practical experience in crypto and blockchain has a great deal of value in the wider job market. Businesses in every industry need hardworking staff who have experience with crypto and blockchain projects. Walmart was one of the first names to successfully trial and implement blockchain technology in its supply chain. Amazon, inspired by Walmart’s blockchain success, might also move its supply chain onto a blockchain as well. Amazon is currently looking for an experienced digital currency and blockchain product lead, as well as a few other blockchain developers to implement this technology into its operations. 
IBM, which helped develop Walmart’s blockchain, has spent the past few years establishing itself as a blockchain leader. Going forward, IBM will need more staff familiar with the blockchain and crypto industry to drive innovation and reach new markets. 
Investment firms, like JP Morgan, are also looking for blockchain experts. JPM currently has two blockchain developer positions listed on its website. It also has other blockchain-related roles in product management, research, and strategy listed in its career section.  

These vacancies at the big tech firms show a growing demand for experienced professionals belonging to the crypto and blockchain space. 

Analysis of Crypto and Blockchain Roles, one of the largest global employment websites, has released some analysis of historic crypto and blockchain-related job postings on its site. 

The analysis indicates that crypto job openings are on the rise and that hard tech skills are a crucial asset for most crypto positions. 

Below are three of the most in-demand crypto and blockchain roles, according to Monster’s analysis.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Engineer 

AI and ML Engineers are experts in natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and data analysis. 

These roles often entail creating machine learning processes, building automated AI models, as well as optimizing existing ML systems. Solid knowledge of Python and SQL is usually required for most AI & ML engineer positions. 

Security Architect 

Despite blockchain’s inherent security features, crypto exchanges and organizations still need robust security measures. 

Security architects create and maintain security systems to protect a company’s assets from attacks by hackers and fraudulent transactions. This often involves penetration testing and carrying out regular security assessments.   

Crypto & Blockchain Journalists  

Crypto journalists share the latest and most interesting news from the crypto and blockchain space. This could involve interviewing the founders of a new start-up, covering the hottest new ICO, or offering commentary on recent price movements in the crypto market.  

Crypto journalists also create educational articles and how-to guides to help new crypto users understand the space. 

Now Is an Excellent Time to Start a Career in Crypto

The enormous number of vacant crypto and blockchain positions don’t just highlight the rapid growth of the crypto industry. It also highlights a growing talent gap. 

Should you develop your crypto knowledge and skills in the years to come, you might never have to search for work again - the work could come to you! 

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