Stamp Collecting Gets Crypto Makeover
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Stamp Collecting Gets Crypto Makeover

Swiss Post is releasing 175,000 physical stamps that have a digital counterpart on the blockchain — including 50 that have an exceedingly rare design.

Stamp Collecting Gets Crypto Makeover

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Stamp collecting is a hobby that’s been passed down for generations — and now, it’s getting a crypto makeover.

Swiss Post has announced that it is releasing a collection of 175,000 Crypto Stamps at the end of November. 

While these physical stamps can be used to frank postal items as usual, they also have a unique twist: Each of them also provides access to a digitized stamp that’s stored on the blockchain, too. 

There’s going to be an element of excitement for those who get their hands on these Crypto Stamps. The digital design can be accessed by scanning a QR code, and 13 different designs are available.
While 65,000 digital stamps showcasing the most common design are going to enter circulation, the number featuring the rarest design is going to be strictly limited to 50

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‘Bridging the Gap’

In an announcement, Swiss Post says it wants to “bridge the gap” between the physical world of stamps and the digital crypto universe.

The collection is going to make its debut on November 25. It’s going to be sold in a select number of Swiss Post branches, and enthusiasts will also be able to snap one up online.

Although novel, Swiss Post isn’t the first postal service to make its way down the crypto rabbit hole.

Austrian Post released the world’s first blockchain stamp back in July 2019. A total of 150,000 were issued in varying degrees of scarcity — and they ended up selling out within a few days. Fast forward to now, and some of the rarest from this collection still command hundreds of euros. 
The second run of Austrian Post’s crypto stamps featured honey badgers, llamas, pandas and (of course) Doge. Enthusiasts were also encouraged to hunt for one of the 999 golden unicorns that were spread among the run of 240,000

And last but by no means least, the third and latest run featured crypto whales — as well as an NFC-supported authenticity check so investors can be sure that the stamp they’re purchasing is genuine.

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