Last Week on Crypto Twitter: The Absolute State of Crypto Twitter Right Now!
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Last Week on Crypto Twitter: The Absolute State of Crypto Twitter Right Now!

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It’s one week quiet and the next week all-out chaos and carnage.

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: The Absolute State of Crypto Twitter Right Now!

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Gm anon,

What is going on with Crypto Twitter at the moment?

It’s one week quiet and the next week all-out chaos and carnage.
Before we dive in though — last week’s round-up featured an airdrop thread about Aptos. Those who actually read our round-up and did the work got an airdrop of APT worth more than $1,000!

The lesson here?

Read the threads in the round-up cause you might end up getting paid for it!

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Who Went Viral This Time?

With that in mind, let’s kick off the viral section with — how else could it be? — last week’s airdrop threads.

The Aptos airdrop got everyone salivating about juicy airdrops again, so here’s another confirmed airdrop by BLUR. Olimpio.eth (who’s been an airdrop thread machine) covered the eligibility and what you should do to be eligible for a potential second round:
The Aptos token drop also generated a certified shitstorm, but we’ll get to that in a bit.
For airdrop enjoyooors there was more useful information last week. Miles Deutscher covered a couple of big projects that do not have a token out yet but are likely to drop an airdrop:
Again. If you want to make free money, put in the work.
Apart from airdrops, here’s a thread by hoeem covering the best cryptocurrency research tools. To be precise, it’s a thread of threads on how to use all of the below tools to find gems and alpha in crypto:
  • Twitter
  • DeFi Llama
  • Etherscan
  • Dune Analytics
  • Token Terminal
  • Whale alerts
  • Coin Market Calendar
  • Messari
  • Crypto Quant
The alpha is hidden in plain sight, just gotta know how to find it, anon.
Finally, a cool opportunity for builders (are any of you actually reading this?) by a16z. They are launching a crypto school, which is basically an accelerator run by a16z. Check it out and apply if that’s for you:

And now moving on to the way too long drama section…

Who Is Arguing In Way Too Public A Place?

Bruh. Like bruuhhhh.

What was in everyone’s coffee last week?

A Cambrian explosion of drama on CT.

We packed the SBF regulation drama into another section and won’t cover the Hodlonaut-Satoshi-Craig Wright-whoever else was involved-drama. You can read up about that here and here in our news section.

So, let’s start with the Maren drama.

Maren Altman is a well-known, ahem, expert (*cough cough* influenza *cough*) on CT. Anywho, this happened:

But on CT, they don’t take too kindly to folks selling private groups and crypto astrology courses:

Crypto astrology courses? You have read that right anon. Maren is your personal prophet to the crypto stars:

Now whether you want to fork over $1,500 for an astrology course is up to you, anon. Mind you that you may not be able to see the crypto stars from Goblin Town.

And let’s be real. Maren was definitely not the only one who (apparently) shilled Celsius. So here’s some compassion for your timeline:

That was just the cold appetizer though.

The warm appetizer is Layah Heilpern beefing with Peter McCormick about how much woke is too much:

She reminded us to never forget about Peter’s unforgivable missteps during the pandemic:
And here’s Peter’s take on rainbow flags:

Pick your fighter anon. We got no horse in this race.

And now for the main event…

Which was Bitboy going absolute apes**t on half of Crypto Twitter. Here’s Bitboy, aka Ben Armstrong, going full Alex Jones on Coinbase and FTX:

So did he stop there?


Here’s Bitboy blasting Ryan Sean Adams from Bankless:

Then there’s Bitboy slamming Dylan LeClair:
Oh and, most importantly, Bitboy going after SBF:
And not once either:
His rant was long enough to fill up three drama sections. Explaining the SBF part in the next section, but here’s our takeaway:

Regulation is coming anyway. Accept the rules of the game and profit accordingly.

Every hero lives long enough to become a villain. You should have learned that from Batman, anon. So don’t get caught up in the drama but draw the right conclusions.

But before we cover the whole Sam-wants-crypto-regulated allegations, let’s check in with our favorite lil’ shids, Elon and Michael Saylor.

Elon and Saylor Say Stuff

Elon continued on his path of shooting the shit with world leaders, democratic or not. Here’s everyone’s favorite billionaire troll checking in with Russia’s ex-president Dmitriy Medvedev:

Also, his latest fragrance, whatever that may be, sold out, and you will absolutely be updated on how that is going.

Michael Saylor had a keynote speech about how amazing Bitcoin is. You can watch some of it here:

Back to the drama now…

Talk of the Town

So. There was a lot of talk in crypto town last week. But a lot of it concerned this thread from Sam Bankman-Fried:
Long story short, Sam’s saying we need regulation and it’s coming anyway, whether you want it or not. Of course, that is not what anyone on CT wants to hear. Particularly not Ryan Sean Adams:
And neither does Erik Voorhees:

Here’s all you need to know about this whole story:

Is regulation coming? Yes.

Is this good? Kinda yes, kinda no. Hopefully less scams. But less privacy and tax avoidance too.

Can we fight it? No.

Is this fair? No.

Does the world care whether you find it unfair? No.

Is Gary Gensler good or bad? Depends. Doesn’t matter either way though.

Is Sam good or bad? Depends. Doesn’t matter either way though.

Are all the guys complaining about Sam “switching sides” good or bad? Depends. Doesn’t matter either way though.

Accept the new rules and play accordingly. There will always be opportunities, regulators or not. And there are still enough folks giving you good info to navigate the markets, bull or bear. So keep reading our round-ups.

Speaking of drama.

We haven’t even talked about the APT token launch. Even if you haven’t gotten the airdrop (shame, pay better attention next time), the token launch was front and center. Here’s why:
Transparency much? Idk, you be the judge:
So is that the kind of effective altruism Sam is talking about when he donates to Joe Biden? Maybe. Maybe we should talk about how he does that, though:
Actually, it wasn’t that bad though. All information is out there, provided you are not color-blind:
So, here’s the real question. Would you buy a token from an Indian guru? And what if he used to be a bonafide Wall Street banker before? Here’s some visual guidance:
To close on a serious note. Aptos may or may not be broken like the thread below suggests. But then again, Ethereum is hella broken. Solana has opening hours. Other chains are copypasta scams. Does it really matter at this point? Submit to the narrative and let it guide you.
There was more that we cannot get into. This round-up is already way too long. But if you still haven’t tapped out, here’s some info about the AXS unlock sending the token to Goblin Town and some thoughts about Ethereum censorship.


And now.

The laughs.

Our Favorite Coinfession

If you need an illustration as to what “submitting to the narrative” actually means, this wholesome coinfession explains it perfectly:

Learn. Analyze. Profit. Repeat.

It’s really that simple.


And if you have just scrolled down for the meme section, we won’t disappoint you, anon.

We know it’s been a long year since BTC set an ATH.

And a final note on “muh efficient markets:”

What a week.

Time to go outside.

Same place, same time next week.

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