Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Pumps and Dumps
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Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Pumps and Dumps

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Crypto Twitter was on fire last week. Market cycles discussion, Elon drama, SBF indictment, failed Shibarium launch - this roundup covers it all.

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Pumps and Dumps

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Pumps and dumps are part and parcel of crypto. Last week, the market took a big dump on all short-term bullas. But there was also some pumping going on.

Although maybe not the kind you expect…

Whose Threads Are a Must-Read?

The thread section pumped hard thanks to more excellent content. Javier Ang covered the state of crypto in Japan in this thread:
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Unlike in the US, there’s a clear regulatory framework and a national strategy for crypto in Japan. Keep an eye on this one.

There is one topic that received particularly much attention from threadors last week: crypto market cycles.

Kevin Kelly took a chart-based look at market cycles in this thread:

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He identified how predictably repeatable the market cycles in crypto have been. If history repeats, we can expect another bull peak in Q4 2025. Fingers crossed…

The DefiEdge wrote a massive explainer post on the four phases of a bull market here:
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Good thing there’s DeFiIgnas doing the hard work for us with his TLDR of this mammoth post:

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Very noteworthy posts that you should bookmark.

The bear market of last week’s market cycle came right before the weekend when Bitcoin and the rest of the market took a big ol’ fashioned dump.

Why did that happen?

That’s what Inmortalcrypto looked at here:

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Elon Building X

Elon continues making enemies with his latest idea to remove the Block feature on Twitter. Even Community Notes did not back him up on this one:

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If Elon continues like this, it soon might really be so over for him:

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The quote tweets:

Oof meter in the red zone!

Talk of the Town

The talk of the town last week was Sam Bankman-Fried and the indictment that’s supposed to put him behind bars:

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SBF got liquidated as hard as Bitcoin longs last week. Funny enough, the dump leveled the most liquidity since FTX collapsed:

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There was some FUD around Elon dumping BTC via Space X as well (Elon is really trying to be the main character everywhere, isn’t he?). But that got community noted real quick:

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But someone else was down even worse than BTC or Elon. We’re talking about the L2 to dominate all L2s, of course. Or is it the L1 to dominate all L1s?

Either way, the Shibarium launch did not go so well:

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Are ya winning son?

Not if you longed SHIB. But yes if you longed various influencers on The app is still the shit on Crypto Twitter:
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It’s also a testament to how the heel-face turn happens more quickly in crypto than in WWE:

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A token that effortlessly turns from the face (good guys) to heel (bad guys) and back within days is RLB. Rollbit launched their latest product (the Degen Exchange) last week, but someone still keeps dumping:

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Still face or already heel?

Rollbit probably has some main character energy left in the tank. Stay tuned.


The state of investors on

Next week we get a pump or a dump?

It won’t be boring either way. See you then!

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