Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Nuclear Fallout
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Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Nuclear Fallout

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The fallout of the FTX collapse is still raining upon the crypto industry, and the biggest nuke might still be left to go off.

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Nuclear Fallout

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Do you know what a nuclear winter feels like?

Although it’s luckily not a real one, we are very much in the middle of a crypto nuclear winter. The fallout of the FTX collapse is still raining upon the crypto industry, and the biggest nuke might still go off.

This week’s edition is a short one in the midst of Christmas preparations, but there are still a couple of updates on the good and bad of CT…

Who Went Viral This Time?

Good news first. Apart from all the FUD we are going to look into later, there’s still real development happening in the crypto industry. Like Ethereum scaling, which Thor Hartvigsen covers in his Ethereum scaling thread. He covers:

  • Ethereum dominance going forward
  • Optimistic rollups vs zero-knowledge rollups
  • Zero-knowledge EVM's (zkevm)
  • L3's
  • Modular blockchains vs Monolithic blockchains

You can find all the details here:

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Next up is analyst Patrick’s thread on monitoring on-chain money movement. Something that comes very handy in the day and age of crypto exchanges blowing up. All the details are covered here:

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Last up is a thread on proof generation, a scaling technique of Ethereum. We are getting a bit technical here, but it is well worth it:

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Who Is Arguing In Way Too Public A Place?

Last week was surprisingly drama-free, but there was still a lot of dunking on non-CT people. Kevin O’Leary, obviously, got it the hardest. Crypto Twitter did not go easy on him at all:

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Of course, Btiboy did not hesitate to jump in on the fun:

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Judging by the way the FTX fallout is going, we will be hearing a lot more from KOL over the next few weeks.

Elon Building Twitter

Elon’s most important tool remains the shovel. That became abundantly clear from his last posts last week digging up old Twitter drama:

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In true democratic fashion, Elon is currently considering stepping down from his controversial reign. He might just actually do it, as you can see in this vote:

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Are you not entertained?

Peter Schiff Saying Stuff

Eve Peter Schiff was dunking on KOL last week. Good times for crypto naysayers at the moment:

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Of course, he did not fail to point out how down bad Crypto Twitter really is at the moment. Especially Coinbase caught Schiff’s attention:

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Still, showboating now might come back to haunt him in the not-too-distant future…

Our Favorite Coinfession

This week’s Coinfession is keeping it real. Deep down, we all think the same:

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Meme of the week undoubtedly went to Elon doing the Lord’s work on Twitter, fighting the bots:

We’ll be bringing you a big edition of this section next week anon, so don’t rest too much during the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

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