Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Generational Wealth Up

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Generational Wealth Up

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Let’s see what happened on Crypto Twitter during the greenest week in a long time.

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Generational Wealth Up

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It’s been a while. A looong while. But we are so back:



Feels good man. Let’s see what happened on Crypto Twitter during the greenest week in a long time.

Whose Threads Are a Must-Read?

This section got a slight rebrand from “viral” to must-read threads. We’ll serve you the TLDR of the most noteworthy alpha. And you can read the full version on Twitter (you should).

Last week, 2023 predictions and narratives were en vogue. We got *checks notes* three narrative and prediction threads you can’t miss.
First one’s from DeFi Researcher Defilgnas, who presented his top 10 predictions for 2023:
  • DeFi options to explode.
  • Modular blockchain narrative coming.
  • ETH to outperform BTC.
  • Soulbound token adoption.
  • Real-world assets boosting yields.
  • DEX diversifications.
  • Metaverse pump.
  • DeFi Lite coming.
  • Web2 to integrate NFTs.
  • New hardware wallets.

You can read the full version here:

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Another prediction thread came from Aylo, a trusted source for best-of tweets on Crypto Twitter. Here are his crypto ideas for 2023:
  • Bottom is in.
  • ETH to outperform BTC (see the pattern?).
  • Liquid staking derivatives to do well.
  • Optimism good coin.
  • L2 airdrops will pay well.
  • AI narrative to run hot.
  • Appchains coming strong.
  • Real-world assets to see adoption.
  • Better UX.
  • Modular blockchains to do well.

Full version is here:

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You can spot some overlap in the predictions, and we’ll have more explainers on these narratives and sectors in the following weeks.

Final contribution is from Blocmates, who pointed out a couple of interesting areas:
  • Protocols building on top of Uniswap V3.
  • New liquidity pool experiments.
  • Options AMMs.
  • LayerZero protocols.
  • New stablecoin experiments.
  • Generative NFT art to do well.

There are a lot of protocol tokens Blocmates recommends, so definitely check this thread out in its entirety:

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Two more interesting ones. Jack Niewold blessed us with a complete summary of all crypto conferences in 2023. He’s the real MVP for doing all this work:
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Cold Blooded Shiller wrote a great thread on dealing with FOMO. The TLDR:
  • This is not the start of a new bull.
  • There will be opportunities.
  • Be honest with yourself: you would not have timed the pico bottom and top.
  • Don’t let Twitter PnLs derail you from your plan.

The full thread is well worthy of your time:

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Last but not least, Karl’s free monthly alpha:
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Who Is Arguing In Way Too Public A Place?

Last week’s drama was, of course, the Cam Winklevoss vs Barry Silbert drama. We, and Crypto Twitter, just loved to see it:

If you need a refresher, we explained the Grayscale/Genesis/Gemini situation in an easy-to-understand manner. After Cam Winklevoss sent Barry Silbert an “ultimatum” (that expired without consequences), there was another “open letter” that basically amount to “Barry Silbert bad:”
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The “response” from Silbert was a lengthy, SBF-esque like thread with “reflections.” Those can be summed up into “I’ve been here for a long time, respect my authoritah:”

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Questions around the details of the liabilities DCG assumed from Genesis remain:

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The best thing about this story?

Gary Gensler entered the chat and got in on the brawl. Covering that after our billionaire’s section…

Elon Building Twitter

Elon has markedly dialed it back on the shitposting and the trolling in the last weeks. No crypto-related news and only one bit on Twitter updates that are rolling out in the near future:

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That may have to do with $TSLA being down bad in the last few months. The stock has dropped more than 70% from its all-time high and so has Elon’s stake in it. Haters will say that is why Elon is musing about U.S. monetary policy and its effectiveness:

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Schiff Saying Stuff

Peter Schiff is having a grand old time at the moment. With the price of gold nearing all-time highs, he reminded his following that analog gold is still better than the digital version:

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Talk of the Town

In part two of last week’s Gemini/Genesis drama, both firms were charged by the SEC for selling unregistered securities. Tyler Winklevoss was “disappointed:”
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Ironically, the fine would be paid by users if Genesis goes bankrupt (since its assets have to be liquidated and those assets are mostly customer funds). Ah, the irony.

In other bankruptcy news, another CEX in Nexo went belly up:

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Never heard of Nexo? Same here. A Bulgarian crypto exchange doesn’t sound too trustworthy. But then again, maybe we should’ve just been subscribed to Bankless who shilled Nexo had absolutely no idea about how (un)trustworthy Nexo is:

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The rest was mostly good news. Like Amazon partnering with Avalanche to scale adoption. CEO Emin Gün Sirer explained that AWS wants to get in on the appchain craze before it really kicks off:
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Then there was good news from FTX (not a typo). They found $5B in crypto.

The footnote?

It’s almost all shitcoins:

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So maybe not quite good news. But neither that nor the ridiculous SBF Substack post stopped us from teleporting back to pre-FTX prices. Godmode trader GCR warned you in time:
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And lo’ and behold, Bitcoin raced to a high of $21.5K, making bears go rekt in the process:

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The timeline was markedly more positive. So it seemed a fitting occasion for Andre Cronje to come out of retirement to, ahem, “continue building:”
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Onwards and upwards!

Our Favorite Coinfession

Even though last week’s pump slightly increased BTC dominance, being a maxi has its perils. Careful if you want to build generational wealth with orange coin only:

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This visual summary of the Gemini/Genesis situation will tell you all you need to know about regulators:

Finally, Bitcoin is a big deal and Chat GPT knows that Donald Trump knows:

To another green week next week!

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