Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Funds Not Safu

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Funds Not Safu

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Crypto Twitter had a quieter week, with only one hack, one alleged scandal and some new protocol releases to comment on.

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Funds Not Safu

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Gm anon,

Almost we had a sort of quiet week over here building the, ahem, future of finance. Well almost.

You probably read about it already in our news but a hacker attacked BNB Chain, so we’ll talk about that one as well. Haven’t had a juicy hack in a long time, haven’t we?

Here’s what else was up on Crypto Twitter last week.

Who Went Viral This Time?

Before the attack on BNB Chain, there was actually plenty of buzz around upcoming token launches and possible airdrops.

Here’s a thread by Olimpio Crypto on a possible soon-to-come ZK token airdrop:
Plenty of useful strategies for the upcoming mainnet launch on Oct. 28. Olimpio goes through a couple of interesting protocols you may want to play around with. We covered a couple more in our Deep Dive Into the ZK Sync Ecosystem.
Competitor Arbitrum was covered by two good threads last week. Here’s one by Sandra Leow covering the latest developments in the ecosystem:

Sandra compiled the best resources about Arbitrum into one megathread, with threads about ecosystem alpha, rollups, the best projects, and strategies for Arbitrum.

The second thread by 0xtypejohnny covered a potential Arbitrum airdrop:
He dives deep into good strategies and protocols to farm a potential airdrop. You can find more info about Arbitrum in our Deep Dive Into the Arbitrum Ecosystem

What else?

The Cosmos blockchain is out with a massive upgrade to its token economy and ecosystem. Route2FI summarized the new ATOM 2.0 whitepaper in a thread:

We’ll cover the Cosmos 2.0 upgrade in a separate ecosystem guide next week!

And, of course, another viral thread from the ever reliable ZachXBT. This time he covered the Beeple Twitter hack, which saw $450K stolen:

Who Is Arguing In Way Too Public A Place?

After the dramafest last week, we saw a bit of mean reversal this week. Very little drama except for Elon, who started a certified non-crypto-related shitstorm.

The one thing we did note was Michael Saylor being…dunked on? Sort of.

However, Mr. Saylor parried that one nicely:

That fits quite nicely with our upcoming deep dive into Lightning Network that’s coming out soon.

Another last-minute addition was this new revelation by ZachXBT:

Lark Davis has not responded yet to this new accusation, but it looks like there will be more fire where this smoke is coming from.

However, the real drama took place in Elon’s timeline…

Elon and Saylor Say Stuff

Elon, never one to shy away from a controversial statement, took it upon himself to post a loaded poll this week:

Oof, did you really have to Elon?

Needless to say that the comment section was explosive. You can see for yourself here.

As any good troll would do, Elon then doubled down on his, ahem, unscientific poll:

Since this isn’t crypto-related, we won’t dive into the shitstorm this started (which eventually landed Elon on Russian TV too!). Let’s just say that some things are better left unsaid.

Talk of the Town

The talk of the town was obviously the Binance bridge hack. This tweet kicked it all off:
In total, 2 million BNB were stolen. Not a bad loot, even by crypto standards. Samczun broke the technical details down in a thread:

Unsurprisingly, some Ethereu maxis were not too impressed with Binance’s response:

However, the Binance team resolved the issue arguably quite fast (probably one of the perks of having a not-too-decentralized chain!):

A less commendable case of customer support was on display by the failing CEX lender Celsius. After doxxing every single user in a court document, Crypto Twitter reacted with utter disgust:

Say about decentralized apps what you want, but at least they’re proceeding with retroactive airdrops instead of retroactive doxxes!

Our Favorite Coinfession

This one may sound all too familiar to a couple of crypto degens:

Monkey see green candle, monkey act! Stay off the revenge trading anon, it’s not going to do you any good.


A quieter week on the Twitter front, but the memes did not disappoint one single bit. In fact there is too much selection this week, so let’s cover a bit of everything. We have…

The BNB Chain validatoooor:

The geopolitical expert-turned-value investor:

The Bogotá devcon appreciatooor:

And the Gen Z macro expert:

Remember, growing pains are normal…

See you next week, anon!

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