Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Anybody Home?

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Anybody Home?

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Check out what went down on Crypto Twitter as the first month of 2023 closes on a bullish note.

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: Anybody Home?

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The first month of 2023 is in the books. Maybe it was because of the Lunar New Year, but Crypto Twitter seemed very quiet last week. Let’s see what you missed out on.

Whose Threads Are A Must-Read?

Chinchilla kicks off our thread section with some alternatives to MetaMask. Even though MetaMask is the default option for many crypto users, there are some great alternatives out there, such as:
  • 0xFrame
  • Blockwallet
  • XDefiwallet

Check out the thread for a full breakdown of the options:

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Another big topic over the last few weeks was (again) hacked or drained wallets. Udi Wertheimer covered NFT security, in particular:
  • Losing access to your assets
  • Leaking your seed phrase
  • Falling victim to malware
  • Approving malicious transactions

This one is well worth reading if you don’t want to wake up to a bad surprise (and missing NFTs):

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Thor Hartvigsen released another banger thread with upcoming promising DeFi protocols. No TLDR for this one, you just have to see for yourself:
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The last thread is from resident Crypto Twitter curator Aylo. He shared 13 free crypto tools to find alpha. A few well-known ones in there, such as DeFiLlama or Dune, but also a few you probably have not used yet:
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Who Is Arguing in Way Too Public a Place?

Compared to peak bear market times in 2022, this section is becoming almost too quiet. Where have all the drama queens gone?

We did have two minor beefs last week though. Eric Wall came back with a beautiful roast of a “reply guy” in his comment section:

That’s 1-0 for the big accounts against the reply guys. But sometimes the Davids come back against the Goliaths, such as in this instance of Bankless’ Ryan Sean Adams getting little love:

Still hoping for more drama next week. Moving on to Mr.Tweet…

Elon Building Twitter

Elon Musk is clearly having a grand old time with his new company. He took leading by example to a new level last week:

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Kind of a quiet week outside of that. The only “notable” improvement was a timeline refresh speed fix (yea, we didn’t notice that either). Still waiting for those big changes to the UI that are supposed to come soon.

Schiff Saying Stuff

Peter Schiff hasn’t had it easy the first weeks of January. Not a good time to be a bear, but Schiff wouldn’t be Schiff if he would be changing his message:

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Let’s hope permabears have no reason to celebrate in the next months either.

Talk of the Town

It was a fairly quiet week on Crypto Twitter overall. The Genesis Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is chugging along and Ram Ahluwalia explained how that is working out:

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Elsewhere, SBF was back in the headlines with some news about how his time in a Bahamaian prison went:

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Crypto Twitter did not approve, unsurprisingly:

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It seems like most of Crypto Twitter is just waiting to see if the recession eventually hits or not. Macro Alf thinks it will in the next 4-5 months:

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But considering anyone and everyone is expecting it, maybe it’s already priced in?

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Anywho, hoping to see more action next week…

Our Favorite Coinfession

Weekly reminder that trading will not set you up for life anon:

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Final note: don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you have made it:

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Let’s start February as strongly as we finished January. Till next week!

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