How to Use CoinMarketCap
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How to Use CoinMarketCap

You may have been using CMC for years, or this may be your first time on the site — either way, we have a walk-through guide to get you used to CMC!

How to Use CoinMarketCap

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So you’ve ended up on CoinMarketCap. If you’re already an old hand at cryptocurrencies, then you know what to do — search for whatever asset or exchange you’re looking for, and see what data we are showing. For those that are new to crypto, you may have been Googling Bitcoin’s price and ended up on our homepage.

Either way — for the experienced crypto traders, and the crypto newbies — here is a guide on how to use CoinMarketCap. Because even if you’ve been with us for a while, you could still learn about a new product!

CoinMarketCap’s Homepage

The most basic thing that you can do on CoinMarketCap is look at our cryptoasset rankings on our homepage. Even for those most new to the space, you can probably find something here that looks familiar.
Each cryptoasset is ranked according to our methodology, which you can see here

Looking at an individual cryptoasset on our homepage, you can already see several pieces of data about that asset. Namely, the cryptoasset’s market capitalization, price, 24-hour and 7-day change, volume and circulating supply. We also provide a small graph visualization so that you can see a particular cryptoasset’s trajectory over the past week.

You can scroll down, almost infinitely, on our homepage to see all of the cryptoassets that CoinMarketCap ranks — and we are always adding more!

Coin Details Pages

To learn more information about a coin, click on it to find the coin details page. One of the most important pieces of information on CMC’s coin details pages is the “market pairs” tab. Each market pair has their own confidence indicator, which helps you pick an exchange to trade your crypto. This confidence score reflects the liquidity of an exchange — the more liquidity it has, the easier it will be to trade crypto!

Each coin’s page also has its own on-chain analysis, which is hosted by IntoTheBlock, as well as a rating by Simetri by Crypto Briefing.

Cryptocurrencies, Derivatives, DeFi, Storage and Yield Farming

There are many more ways of visualizing cryptoassets than just the homepage. 

CMC offers the ability to only look at cryptoassets of a certain category, and it has the most popular ones at the top of the page: derivatives, DeFi, storage and yield farming

If you want to search for something even more specific while remaining on the homepage, you can use the filters tab on the right-hand side.


Instead of cryptoasset rankings, CMC also has rankings of cryptocurrency exchanges. These are broken down into spot exchange, derivatives exchanges and decentralized exchanges. 


CMC also has a watchlist feature associated with your CMC account (to make an account, click here) that lets you star your favorite cryptos so that you can easily see how they are doing.

What Else Does CMC Offer Besides Just Price Rankings?

If you find yourself on CMC and have already been satisfied with Bitcoin’s price, there are lots of other features that can help you navigate the world of crypto.


For example, CMC’s Headlines is an aggregator of all of the headlines about cryptocurrency and blockchain that you could need, in one place on CMC. Beyond stories from the top crypto newspapers, CMC Headlines also contains Signals, which offer news directly from a project or crypto protocol itself.


For those that want to learn about crypto beyond the rankings, CMC Alexandria is a crypto and blockchain encyclopedia that can answer your every question.


For those that are really interested in crypto, and would like to be paid to learn even more, CoinMarketCap Earn holds campaigns that reward you for learning more about a particular crypto asset.


CoinMarketCap’s exchange events page allows you to see what promotions and giveaways are currently live on a variety of platforms.
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