BLUEPAW Token Listed

BLUEPAW Token Listed

1yr ago

BLUEPAW Token Listed

BLUEPAW (PAW), the game token used on 'ANIPANG MATCH', 'ANIPANG BLAST', 'ANIPANG COINS’ is listed in the GameFi and PLAY DEX.

Please refer to the details below.

- Listing Schedule: 2023, Mar. 28th 12:40 (GMT+9)
- Added Categories:
1. WEMIX PLAY Token List
2. GameFi Swap
3. GameFi Liquidity Pool
1. PLAY Wallet’s DEX trading list
*Notes : BLUEPAW supports PLAY Wallet transfer.

As the 'ANIPANG MATCH', 'ANIPANG BLAST', 'ANIPANG COINS’  launch, BLUEPAW will be available to exchange in the GameFi and PLAY DEX service.

Hope you enjoy the service!

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