Web3 Football Metaverse TOPGOAL Scores Big Investment from DWF Labs to Build Metaverse Sports Experience

Web3 Football Metaverse TOPGOAL Scores Big Investment from DWF Labs to Build Metaverse Sports Experience

1yr ago

In a recent blog post, the leading Web3 Football Metaverse TOPGOAL has secured millions in investment from DWF labs to dive deeper into the blockchain.

Web3 Football Metaverse TOPGOAL Scores Big Investment from DWF Labs to Build Metaverse Sports Experience

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In recent years, the world of sports has seen a significant shift towards technology and innovation. With the rise of Web3 and blockchain technology, the sports industry is poised for yet another transformation. TOPGOAL, a leading sports platform in the Web3 football Metaverse, has recently secured a multi-million-dollar investment from DWF Labs, a renowned blockchain and cryptocurrency venture capital firm. This significant investment marks a turning point for the future of sports and entertainment, as TOPGOAL aims to bring the world of sports into the rapidly growing Web3 space.

TOPGOAL To Integrate AI And Blockchain Technology

TOPGOAL has announced that it has received a multi-million-dollar investment from DWF Labs, a Web3 venture capital firm and global digital asset market maker. The investment will provide TOPGOAL with the necessary resources to develop a football Metaverse powered by AI and blockchain technology. This move aligns with the company’s objective of bringing sports into Web3 and offering innovative digital and virtual experiences for football stars, clubs, and fans.
TOPGOAL, a football Metaverse platform, holds official copyrights for over 3000 football players and has worked with well-known football stars such as Kaka, Del Peiro, and Patrice Evra. Over the past decade, the company has gained extensive experience in football game development, including the creation of proprietary Football AI algorithms, advanced 3D motion engines and rendering quality, metahuman technology, innovative gameplay design, economic system design, and cross-platform compatibility.

With this technological foundation, TOPGOAL is capable of constructing the football Metaverse, which has the potential to attract tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of Web2 football users to Web3.

TOPGOAL co-founder Xander said, “This investment signifies our partners’ confidence in TOPGOAL’s mission to bring a vast number of football fans into the crypto industry through Web3 football games and the creation of a football Metaverse. If there was only one football game in the world, it would look like Footballcraft. With our partners’ continued support, we are confident and capable of meaningfully impacting the sports crypto industry and shaping new digital experiences for football fans and enthusiasts in Web3.”

TOPGOAL Will Launch Football Meta Club

The TOPGOAL Metaverse features TopManager as its initial game product, which is an advanced 3D football management game that utilizes cloud gaming technology. By using digital football star card assets, players can construct their own teams, participate in leagues and tournaments, and earn $GOAL token rewards via Play-2-Own and Win-2-Earn models.

In the third quarter of this year, TOPGOAL plans to launch the Football Meta Club and the cross-platform Web3 game Footballcraft, which will be accessible on mobile devices. This virtual football world, similar to SandBox, operates at 12 times acceleration, creating a parallel universe for football enthusiasts. Monthly intercontinental club championships and a virtual World Cup held every four months will be featured, with all player data recorded on blockchain, ensuring the game’s persistence. This immersive and interactive approach to connecting fans and players will create a worldwide football community that rewards long-term contributors in unique ways.

Andrei Grachev, Executive Partner at DWF Labs, commented, “The core goal of DWF Labs is to invest in and support innovative entrepreneurs in Web3. Football, the world’s most popular sport with an audience of 4 billion fans and a market worth billions of dollars annually, is likely to become the bridge that brings the next billion people into the crypto world.”

He added, “We are expanding our investments in the sports crypto industry. This investment demonstrates our confidence in TOPGOAL’s strong football game development technology, AI and metahuman technology, and professional blockchain teams. We believe that through this investment, TOPGOAL will further accelerate innovation, develop blockchain football products, and construct a football Metaverse. We will also provide support through this long-term partnership and look forward to the team’s further success based on this foundation.”

TOPGOAL’s new investment from DWF Labs is a game-changer for the Web3 football Metaverse. It will enable TOPGOAL to enhance its platform, expand its user base, and bring more football clubs into the Web3 space. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the Web3 Metaverse offers a new way for fans to engage with their favorite sports and teams, and TOPGOAL is leading the way in this exciting new era.
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