'Enraged': John McAfee's Wife Says She Learned of His Death 'Via a DM on Twitter'
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'Enraged': John McAfee's Wife Says She Learned of His Death 'Via a DM on Twitter'

Janice McAfee also doubled down on her assertion that her husband didn't kill himself in prison.

'Enraged': John McAfee's Wife Says She Learned of His Death 'Via a DM on Twitter'

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John McAfee’s wife has said she does not accept that her husband killed himself.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Janice McAfee expressed outrage that the story was published by the media before she or his legal team were notified of his death. She wrote:

“Words cannot describe how enraged I am at the fact that I had to hear the news of John’s death via a DM on Twitter.”

She also questioned reports that a “suicide note” had been found in her husband’s pocket, and said that such a piece of paper wasn’t mentioned when she went to collect his belongings.

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‘In Disbelief’ 

John McAfee was found dead in a prison cell in Spain, hours after a court there said he could be extradited to the U.S. to face tax evasion charges. Recalling their last conversations, Janice explained:

“This decision did not come as a surprise to John, myself or his lawyers. We were prepared for the Spanish courts to grant the request for the extradition, we had a plan of action in place to begin the appeal process and we discussed plans for the next stages of his legal fight.”

She added that the extradition process would have taken many months, writing:

“John was a fighter and he had so much more fight left in him. He told me to be strong and not to worry, we would continue to fight all the necessary appeals. His last words to me were I love you, I will call you in the evening, but sadly that call never happened.”

A number of conspiracy theories have been spreading online in light of McAfee’s death. Best known for creating antivirus software, and later becoming a colorful member of the crypto community with his outlandish predictions about Bitcoin’s future price, he was 75 years old.

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