DEX APIs Soft Launch: Unveiling CoinMarketCap's First DEX API Suite

DEX APIs Soft Launch: Unveiling CoinMarketCap's First DEX API Suite

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Early access to three DEX APIs with enhanced queries and free credits for a comprehensive look at decentralized exchanges.

DEX APIs Soft Launch: Unveiling CoinMarketCap's First DEX API Suite

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CoinMarketCap ushers in the new year introducing our first suite of DEX APIs, designed to redefine the accessibility and utilization of decentralized exchange data. The inception of this API service was driven by a clear need in the crypto community for a robust, scalable, and user-friendly tool that bridges the gap between decentralized exchanges and the end-users.

Following our announcement in December 2023, we are thrilled to share that the first 3 of our 8 eagerly awaited DEX API endpoints are now officially available!

All users, new and existing, have access to 1 million free credits monthly alongside an enhanced rate limit of 300 queries per minute. This allocation is designed to ensure that you can fully explore the breadth and depth of our DEX API offerings without immediate limitations. Here are the first 3 APIs we are releasing:

  • /v4/dex/spot-pairs/latest - Access to Latest DEX Spot Pairs
  • /v4/dex/pairs/quotes/latest - Real-Time Market Quotes
  • /v4/dex/pairs/ohlcv/latest - Latest OHLCV

How to get started?

Here is how you can started with CoinMarketCap's DEX APIs using our public Postman collection:

Step 1: Get your API key

  • For existing users: Your existing API key already grants access to the new DEX API features. To retrieve your API key, log in here. Once logged in, you can retrieve your API key at the top left hand corner of the dashboard.
  • For new users: You can sign up here for free. Joining now places you among the early adopters who are leveraging our comprehensive crypto data tools to advance in the crypto data realm.

Step 2: Access our Postman collection

  • Click on the link to our Postman collection: CoinMarketCap DEX APIs. This will take you to the Postman website.
  • If you're not already logged in to Postman, you can sign in/sign up for a free account.
  • Once logged in, you'll see an option to "Create a fork". Click this button. Postman will either open in your web browser or in the desktop app if you have it installed.

Step 3: Making Requests

  • Add variable `API_KEY` and assign your CoinMarketCap API key to this variable.
  • Navigate back to the "Collections" tab and expand the imported DEX API collection.
  • Select an API request to view its details. You'll see the request URL, method, and parameters already configured.
  • If the request requires parameters, ensure they are correctly set in the "Params" tab. You can see the full list of available parameters and expected responses here.
  • Click the "Send" button to make a request. The response will be displayed in the pane below.
  • After sending a request, analyze the response provided by the API in the response pane. You can check the status code, response time, and the body of the response.

Step 4: Iterate and Explore

  1. Experiment with different API requests within the collection to familiarize yourself with the data available. Adjust parameters as needed to explore different queries and responses.

Step 5: Build into your application

  1. Once you're comfortable with the API responses and have identified the data points you need, begin integrating the API calls into your application/Google Sheets.
  2. Use the request URLs, headers, and parameters you tested in Postman as templates for the API calls in your application's code.
  3. Depending on the programming language you are using (e.g., Python, JavaScript, Java), you will utilize appropriate libraries or modules for making HTTP requests (such as requests in Python or fetch in JavaScript).
  4. Ensure you handle API responses in your application, parsing the JSON data and integrating it into your application's functionality as required.
  5. Implement error handling to manage any API request failures or unexpected responses, ensuring your application can gracefully handle such events.
  6. Regularly review API usage against your plan's limits to ensure you remain within allowed quotas and adjust your application logic if necessary to optimize API calls. If you need more than 1m credits or a higher rate limit, you can contact us at

By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to integrating and leveraging CoinMarketCap's DEX API data in your projects or analyses.

First 3 Endpoints + Real-World Applications

Latest DEX Spot Pairs (/v4/dex/spot-pairs/latest)

This endpoint provides a comprehensive and updated list of all active DEX spot pairs, along with the latest market data. Sort by volume, liquidity, no. of transactions, and more. Similar to what you see on and network pages like

Real world applications:

  1. For Enthusiasts: Use the endpoint to discover and track emerging DEX spot pairs with high growth potential, facilitating early investments in trending cryptocurrencies.
  2. For Professionals: Leverage detailed market data for sophisticated technical analysis, identifying pairs with strong performance indicators for strategic trading.
  3. For Enterprises: Integrate this data into crypto analytics platforms or financial services apps to offer users insights into the most active and liquid DEX spot pairs, enhancing product offerings.

Real-Time Market Quotes (/v4/dex/pairs/quotes/latest)

Users can retrieve the latest market quotes for spot pairs. Query by contract address and network ID to get the spot pair you want. Similar to what you see on

Real world applications:

  1. For Enthusiasts: Utilize the endpoint to monitor the latest price movements of specific DEX spot pairs, enabling timely buy or sell decisions based on the latest market dynamics.
  2. For Professionals: Implement the data into trading algorithms for automated execution of trades at optimal prices, enhancing profitability by reacting promptly to market changes.
  3. For Enterprises: Incorporate the latest market quotes into crypto exchange or trading platform interfaces, providing users with the latest pricing information for informed trading activities.

Latest OHLCV Data (/v4/dex/pairs/ohlcv/latest)

Offering the latest Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume (OHLCV) data for spot pairs, updated frequently to reflect the current UTC day's market dynamics. Create your own DEX candlestick charts with this API. Similar to the candlestick chart you see on

Real world applications:

  1. For Enthusiasts: Access the endpoint to craft personalized candlestick charts for your favorite DEX spot pairs, aiding in technical analysis and market trend predictions.
  2. For Professionals: Integrate OHLCV data into financial analysis tools or platforms, enabling detailed study and strategy planning based on the latest market behavior.
  3. For Enterprises: Use the API to provide comprehensive market reports and analytics services, offering clients and users valuable insights into DEX market movements and trends.

A Continuation of Our Data Journey

This launch is but a milestone in our ongoing quest to democratize crypto data. For a deeper understanding of our vision and the scope of the DEX API service, revisit our previous discussion in Democratising DEX data with CoinMarketCap’s New API Service.

With the DEX API service, we not only provide tools but also cultivate an environment where data is your most powerful asset.

Want to get started? Are you an existing API user? Log in here. Are you a new API user? Sign up for free here.
If you have any questions or are an enterprise looking for additional support, contact us at
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