Can AI Change Blockchain Gaming?

Can AI Change Blockchain Gaming?

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Can AI Change Blockchain Gaming?

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ChatGPT and Dalle-2 are among the most discussed topics of 2023. Meanwhile, enthusiasts claim this is only the beginning of the AI epoch. Combined with blockchain, digital avatars, and, for instance, VR, artificial intelligence is supposed to bloom and change our life forever or, at least, its gaming aspect. So, let’s check what experts say about AI’s potential!

AI Power

The first concepts of AI go back to the 40s of the last century. Meanwhile, technologies went really big just about 15 years ago. In the early 2010-s, nobody could even imagine a machine with reliable language or image recognition. And nowadays, AIs help businesses to get data, personalize experiences, meet the needs of their customers, and, consequently, grow.
Next, they can write valid papers for students and even make users fall in love like in the well-known movie “Her”. With such results, hundreds of experts agree that AI will reshape our reality in all its dimensions.
Meanwhile, multiple skeptics regard AI as a trend to fade soon. They emphasize that the development of these technologies is slow and slows down each decade after a few significant steps are made.
Moreover, they claim that “we have no learning paradigm that allows machines to learn how the world works”, so though AIs can be used for writing texts, codes, and making visuals, they still lack knowledge and true creativity. Thus, they are not likely to replace real experts.
Last but not least, despite the breakthrough in machine learning, computers are limited in power. They can’t break the velocity of light and the physical world’s limits that slow down data analysis.

Whatever. Even at the current stage of development, AIs are still efficient and applicable, especially in the blockchain.


Blockchain and AI are two distinct but complementary fields. Experts suppose that AI will be able to make predictions on whether a contract can be executed. This approach can boost business transactions, upgrade data management, and enhance gaming experience. Moreover, researchers claim that AI in the form of digital humans and their broader adoption can become a big change to blockchain gaming.

Digital Humans’ Potential In Gaming

  • They can embrace users with more life-like experiences by recreating authentic communication with intelligent dialogues, multiple topics, and a sense of humor being boosted. Thus, gamers’ engagement and loyalty can increase.
  • They can read gestures and emotions to make interactions more empathic and, as a result, more efficient. They will literally reach the peak of the virtual friend concept and build bonds with users, converting them into loyal customers.
  • Digital humans can make gameplays more tricky and unpredictable. On the one hand, this approach requires more work to be done and investments to be made. On the other hand, all the technologies are already available, and their broader usage can skyrocket the market competition, bringing GameFi to the awaited next-gen level.

In Metaverses

AIs as digital humans can bring the same benefits in metaverses. Meanwhile, they will also give much development space for different businesses and industries. For instance, they can work as shop assistants, consult customers at online festivals, work as models, and represent real-world celebrities. Let’s highlight these use cases.

Use Cases

Shop Assistants

AI shop assistants can bring e-commerce to the next level by gamifying shopping. This approach can even change the buying model by turning all sellable objects into NFTs.


AI consultants at various events can replace real people and let them focus on more exciting activities. They will be able to work according to scripts, keep the conversation, make jokes, and remember clients.


AI models are already common worldwide. They have lots of perks for the industry. For example, they let designers get the looks they need without extra costs on scouting and transportation. This is only the beginning: their further adoption can reshape the contemporary approach to fashion and make it more entertaining and eco-friendly.

Human Touch

Combined with VR, this technology can let people dive into immersive gaming and play first-hand, dwell in metaverses, and literally touch their friends.


Though AI’s overall efficiency and potential still need to pass the test of time, the technologies’ prospects for blockchain gaming are G.O.A.T! Stay tuned and read our article to watch their adoption and learn more about their influence on the industry.

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