Cryptoland Suffers Another Setback

Cryptoland Suffers Another Setback

Cryptoland was lampooned on social media after an animated video promoting its concept was uploaded to YouTube. It's rather cringeworthy.

Cryptoland Suffers Another Setback

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A project that says it's building "the world's first real-life crypto island" has suffered yet another setback.

According to The Guardian, Cryptoland's plans to buy Nananu-i-Cake — a 600-acre paradise in Fiji — have fallen through.
The island is on the market for $12 million and boasts "five beaches, an excellent year-round climate and the extensive potential for additional further development."

Cryptoland was lampooned on social media after an animated video promoting its concept was uploaded to YouTube.

It shows a character called Christopher — who describes himself as a "crypto degen with a crush for CryptoKitties" — arriving on the island for the first time after buying one of the 60 plots of land in "The Blockchain Hills."

(Nananu-i-Cake only had one hill, but as we're about to discover together, this is the least of the project's problems.)

Upon landing, he's greeted by Connie — a cartoon coin who is described as the "founder" of Cryptoland. There's a talking Lamborghini that shouts "to the moon," and a restroom complete with toilet paper made out of U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, a Crypto Restaurant offers dishes including an ERC-20 Salad, a Bitcoin 10K Pizza, and a Flash Crash Soda. Yes, we know. That's before we've got to a musical number about the crypto beach that's set to the tune of Friend Like Me by Aladdin.

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'I Have No Words'

It's worth noting that this 10-minute video isn't actually the full thing. The original clip posted to Cryptoland's YouTube ran for 18 minutes, but was taken down after receiving heaps of unwelcome criticism.

The full thing can be seen here and features a clip from crypto evangelist Kyle Chasse, who claimed that the purchase agreement has already been done for the island — something that we now know to be untrue.

Many viewers have drawn parallels to the ill-fated Fyre Festival, where a glamorous video featuring supermodels and beautiful beaches promoted the chance to attend an upmarket music event on an exclusive island in the Bahamas. Of course, the reality ended up being far different — and instead of staying in luxury villas, attendees battled to get their hands on hurricane tents and cheese sandwiches as the entire thing fell apart.

To make matters worse, Cryptoland issued an apology after responding to a tweet that asked what the age of consent would be on the island. The reply from its official account has said: "Mental maturity should be enough."

The project said some of those running its Twitter profile are not native English speakers. A statement added:

"The person who answered that question clearly didn't understand the ill intention behind it and misinterpreted its meaning, naively thinking they were asking about the age allowed to come to Cryptoland, just like to any other place, like a restaurant, a resort or an amusement park."

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