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Crypto News, Feb. 10: McD's to Create the Maccaverse?

Also today, the BBC's attempt to make a positive documentary about a crypto millionaire didn't go well.

Crypto News, Feb. 10: McD's to Create the Maccaverse?

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Are crypto payments coming to iPhone? 📱

Crypto payments may finally be coming to iPhones — kind of. Apple has unveiled a feature called Tap to Pay that will allow U.S. businesses to accept contactless payments with an iPhone. The tech giant said the feature will support "Apple Pay, contactless credit and debit cards, and other digital wallets." This has fueled speculation that it may be compatible with the crypto wallets offered by major exchanges. Tap to Pay is due to launch later this year.

NYC mayor supports crypto, but not mining 🧐

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has declared he's in favor of crypto… but against mining. The newly elected politician has sought to make the Big Apple a hub for digital assets. His remarks come amid fears a former coal power plant that has been turned into a BTC mining facility is heating up nearby lakes and making it "so warm you feel like you're in a hot tub." Adams' stance may not go down well with the BTC community. It's great to support crypto, but most major coins don't exist without mining.

BBC ditches documentary on 'crypto millionaire' 😧

The BBC has quietly dropped a documentary into a British man who became a millionaire trading cryptocurrencies, amid allegations a coin he created turned out to be a scam. In an article that has now been taken down, the broadcaster told the story of Hanad Hassan — describing how he turned a $50 investment into $8 million within a year. Hassan founded OrfanoX, which was discontinued last year. Several investors have claimed that they have been unable to take their money out.

SHIBA INU is launching its own metaverse 🐶

SHIBA INU has also announced that it plans to launch its own metaverse offering this month — vowing to "lead the sector" with its as-yet-unnamed project. The news helped SHIB comfortably outperform other major cryptocurrencies, with its sister token LEASH also going through the roof. In other news, McDonald's has filed a McFlurry of trademark applications that suggest it is planning to build in the metaverse — including ones for virtual restaurants where food and beverages are in NFT form.

Farmville maker Zynga to launch NFT game 🚨

One of the world's best-known mobile gaming companies is planning to launch an NFT-based title this year, according to Axios. Zynga — whose titles include FarmVille and Words With Friends — also intends to go on a hiring spree. Its blockchain chief Matt Wolf said "things are really frothy right now," meaning the company plans to find an opportune time to jump in. NFTs are unlikely to be added to Zynga's existing games amid fears that it could end up confusing existing players.
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