CoinMarketCap Daily, June 8: Microstrategy's Buying Bitcoin Again
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CoinMarketCap Daily, June 8: Microstrategy's Buying Bitcoin Again

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CoinMarketCap is back again today with a video crypto news roundup.

CoinMarketCap Daily, June 8: Microstrategy's Buying Bitcoin Again

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Today’s Top Crypto News Stories

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MicroStrategy Spooks Wall Street

MicroStrategy has announced that it is planning to raise another $400 million to buy more Bitcoin. Although the move is yet another vote of confidence in the cryptocurrency, it hasn’t played well on Wall Street — with the stock falling on Monday. Some analysts say MSTR "is a rare high-risk, low-reward investment opportunity, and a strong sell." Here’s why.

U.S. Recovers $2.3M Crypto Ransom

The U.S. has recovered $2.3 million of the ransom payment that was made to hackers who targeted the Colonial Pipeline in May. Funds had been sent to a group called DarkSide, and about 63.7 BTC was seized. Officials were shy to reveal more about their methods, as this could mean they prove less successful in the future. Did it cause Bitcoin’s price to fall sharply?

El Salvador: BTC Won’t Replace Dollar

El Salvador’s secretary of commerce and investment has stressed that BTC will not replace the dollar’s role in the economy. Miguel Kattán stressed the cryptocurrency is merely another option for consumers and merchants. He went on to stress that El Salvador will introduce regulations that are designed to prevent money laundering. Why challenges may lie ahead

Amazon Unveils Blockchain Job Posting

Amazon is advertising for a head of product in blockchain — and says it is seeking someone who has experience in decentralized finance. The tech giant also wants someone who has a deep understanding of applications including Ethereum. A number of major companies have opened blockchain-focused vacancies in recent months. Read more

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