CoinMarketCap Daily, July 9: Bitcoin 'Set to Shine'
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CoinMarketCap Daily, July 9: Bitcoin 'Set to Shine'

Bloomberg Intelligence says the second half of 2021 could be particularly explosive for Ether.

CoinMarketCap Daily, July 9: Bitcoin 'Set to Shine'

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Bitcoin 'Set to Shine' in Second Half of 2021 🔥

Even though Bitcoin is battling to stay above $30,000 right now, a report by Bloomberg Intelligence suggests we could see fireworks as 2021 continues. It says the crypto market "is likely entering a more adult stage" in the second half of this year. This could result in BTC's volatility falling, and ETH embarking on an explosive bull run in the fall. Here's the latest.

75% of Salvadorans Skeptical About BTC 🥺

A new poll suggests most consumers in El Salvador are still unconvinced about President Nayib Bukele's plans to embrace Bitcoin as legal tender. With two months to go before BTC is given official currency status, the survey shows less than 20% approve of the radical measures. Some 65% also said they are unwilling to be paid in cryptocurrency. Read more.

UK Steps Up Crackdown on Crypto Adverts 🚨

The U.K.'s advertising regulator is ramping up efforts to tackle "misleading or irresponsible" crypto ads — describing it as an "absolutely crucial and priority area." The Advertising Standards Authority has already taken action against a number of exchanges. In May, Luno was criticized for ads it was running on the London Underground. Check out our story.

Students Paid in Crypto for Using the Toilet 💩

A university in South Korea is rewarding students in crypto — every time they use the toilet. The hi-tech loo turns excrement into methane that powers the building. Visitors are rewarded in a virtual currency called Ggool that can be used to purchase coffee, noodles, fruit and books. A typical person's waste could power a car for three quarters of a mile. How it works.
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