CoinMarketCap Coin Price Charts Have a New Look!

CoinMarketCap Coin Price Charts Have a New Look!

Created 2yr ago, last updated 2yr ago

CoinMarketCap's new coin details will load even faster than before.

CoinMarketCap Coin Price Charts Have a New Look!
Our coin price charts have always been one of the most important features on CoinMarketCap — and we know how important they are, so we put in lots of effort to make them even better!

On the chart, all the data you like remains the same: you can still view the price movements or market capitalization with volume change in the specific time frame you are interested in. 

But, we did add some new touches that we hope you like! 

  • A better color scheme to indicate price movements in the timeframe vs. the opening price;
  • When you first enter the coin pages, the default time period changed from “All time” to “1D” to show a more recent trend of the coin prices and market capitalization;
  • The chart now is more light-weight and loads way faster than before — but with a more trendy design!

There are also a few small interactions that are now different.

Please be aware of the following:

  • When users want to focus on a smaller period of time, you used to “drag and focus” — in the new version, simply scroll the mouse, or if you are on your mobile device, pull up and down to change the focused timeframe;
  • When you are on your mobile device and want to take a look at the price/volume information on a tooltip, please tap and hold to show the tooltip boxes.
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