CMC Labs: Accelerating the Future of Web3

CMC Labs: Accelerating the Future of Web3

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CoinMarketCap launches CMC Labs, an accelerator providing guidance and resources to empower the next generation of Web3 founders.

CMC Labs: Accelerating the Future of Web3

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CoinMarketCap (CMC) has launched CMC Labs, a startup accelerator program designed to empower the next generation of Web3 founders. This highly selective one-year program provides ambitious crypto entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to succeed in the rapidly evolving world of Web3.

What Is CMC Labs?

CMC Labs is like a turbo-boost for crypto projects. Through strategic guidance, unparalleled market insights, and amplified awareness across CMC's 340M+ monthly users, participants can gain the momentum they need to become big names in the industry.

The program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics like tokenomics, marketing tactics, operations, and more.

Startups accepted into the program gain exclusive access to CMC's crypto market intelligence and audience.

With a comprehensive view of the cryptocurrency market including 26K+ listed coins and tokens, 2M+ tracked cryptos, and 650+ exchanges, CMC Labs participants will gain strategic insights to position themselves for success as Web3 continues to evolve.

Partner Networking

CMC Labs also opens doors to an invaluable network of partners like Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, and GSR. These connections provide technical support, networking opportunities, and potential investment.

These connections provide startups with the technical guidance and funding opportunities needed to scale sustainably. CMC Labs condenses years of network building into one high-value program.

Additionally, startups who participate in the year-long CMC Labs accelerator program will gain additional awareness via:

Learn & Earn Campaigns

One of the perks of CMC Labs is launching a ‘Learn & Earn’ campaign on CoinMarketCap. Learn & Earn campaigns generate high engagement by requiring users to learn about the project and complete short quizzes in order to earn token rewards.

With hundreds of new projects launching daily, it's difficult for users to keep up.

A Learn & Earn campaign helps enthusiasts understand your project's key features and value proposition. Gamifying the experience incentivizes users to invest their time into actually learning about you.

On average, CMC Learn & Earn campaigns attract over 580K+ participants, generate over 800K+ clicks and rack up over 2M+ page views. This level of engagement allows projects to build strong brand awareness and community loyalty right from the start.


CMC Labs also provides startups the opportunity to conduct Airdrop campaigns on its platform. Airdrops help bootstrap community growth by requiring participants to take actions like adding your project to their Watchlist, joining your Community page, and enabling price alerts.

This ensures your biggest fans stay up-to-date on all your latest updates and announcements. It also allows CMC to send them push notifications for significant price movements, prompting users to visit your CMC coin page.

The average CMC Airdrop campaign attracts 150K+ participants. Projects typically see their Watchlist followers increase by over +6,000% and Community followers by over +20,000%.

Deep Dive (Articles & Videos)

Most content available online today is surface-level. CMC Labs startups can work with our experts to produce in-depth articles and videos that dive deep into your project's technology, features, use cases and value proposition.

High-quality educational content enhances your discoverability. Well-written articles published on our platform improve your search rankings and introduce your project to crypto enthusiasts in a meaningful way. YouTube videos further expand your reach, considering the platform's massive popularity.

With over 2.6 billion logged-in users visiting YouTube every month, it's a critical venue for raising awareness and building an audience. Our videos humanize your brand and keep users engaged through dynamic visual storytelling.


Beyond long-form content, CMC Labs provides startups the opportunity to condense their key features and differentiators into visually compelling infographics.

Infographics simplify complex ideas into an easily digestible and shareable format. When distributed across CMC's social media channels, they can help communicate your project's value proposition to mainstream crypto audiences.

Vibrant visuals also have a higher likelihood of being re-shared organically, expanding your brand imprint.

CMC Live Spaces

The Web3 space moves at breakneck speed, so the ability to connect with your community in real time is invaluable. CMC Labs provides that opportunity through exclusive Twitter Spaces-like events on CMC Community.

These live audio events allow founders to engage directly with CMC's highly active user base. You can gather feedback, address concerns and build connections through an authentic back-and-forth conversation.

There's no better way to strengthen bonds with users than through this interactive format. And by discussing trends, developments and more, you can demonstrate thought leadership and position your project at the forefront.

The Bottom Line

CMC Labs provides a launching pad for the next generation of crypto projects. Through education, awareness, and connections; the program gives startups a fighting chance at standing out despite intense competition.

Spots in CMC Labs are limited, making it a highly selective program. Interested founders can find details on the application requirements on the CMC Labs website and submit their application through the provided form.
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