CMC Hot List: Top 10 Tools for Pros
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CMC Hot List: Top 10 Tools for Pros

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CoinMarketCap has compiled a list of the best tools to help you monitor on-chain signals, analyze investor sentiment, and build decentralized applications with flexibility.

CMC Hot List: Top 10 Tools for Pros

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Crypto moves fast. Prices swing wildly. Hot new tokens appear daily. How do you keep up and stay ahead in this rapidly evolving industry?

The answer: data, data, and more data.

Understanding the trends, separating hype from fundamentals, and spotting opportunities early require digging into blockchain analytics. The crypto pros know this. That's why they turn to the tools on this list to feed their obsession with the numbers, charts, and metrics that drive this industry.

Whether you're a trader chasing profits, an investor seeking diamonds in the rough, a builder looking to launch the next big thing, or just a hobbyist trying to make sense of it all - these platforms have you covered. So, bookmark this page.

Here are the top 10 tools for crypto pros to level up their knowledge and give them an edge:

1. Dune Analytics

Understanding crypto requires looking at blockchain data. However, raw data can be challenging to interpret. Dune Analytics simplifies things by transforming complex blockchain data into visual dashboards. Users can conveniently track metrics for DeFi protocols, NFT sales, and more.

The platform provides intuitive dashboards covering Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana, Avalanche, and other chains. There are also options to analyze data insights and share them with others.

Dune Analytics aims to make blockchain analytics more accessible overall. With these tools, anyone can capitalize on market opportunities. By taking raw blockchain data and turning it into understandable charts and graphs, Dune enables people to spot trends and make informed decisions based on accurate market information.

2. Messari

Messari aims to increase transparency in crypto - aligning with the founding principles of the industry. The platform provides data and research to inform blockchain users.

Messari enables tracking of top crypto assets. Users can access in-depth research reports, follow major crypto developments, and discover emerging DAOs and Web3 tools.

The site allows customizing feeds to each user's interests - whether specific assets, DAOs, events or other focuses. This tailored approach makes Messari a useful resource for many in crypto.

By gathering quantitative data and qualitative research in one place, Messari serves those seeking to make informed decisions.

3. Glassnode

Glassnode is designed for crypto traders, investors, and analysts seeking an information edge. With over 3,500 unique on-chain metrics, Glassnode helps discover opportunities and trends. Users can create customized charts to find what is driving market movements. Tutorials and guides help translate blockchain activity into trading signals.

Additionally, the platform provides insights into market and network activity, allowing users to monitor investments across various blockchains. The extensive data enables the assessment of network health and developments.

4. Chainalysis

Chainalysis simplifies blockchain data to help governments, companies, and organizations manage risk and solve crimes. The Chainalysis team works like forensic experts, translating complex code into practical solutions that track real-world criminal activity.

By mapping hundreds of millions of blockchain addresses to real-world entities, Chainalysis keeps up with illicit services like darknet markets, scams, ransomware, and legitimate platforms like DeFi, mining pools, and merchant services. Their goal is to make the crypto economy transparent and approachable, building an on-chain record that promotes trust and safety.

5. Nansen

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform founded in April 2020 by data scientists Alex Svanevik, Lars Bakke Krogvig, and Evgeny Medvedev. Their goal was to attribute and label crypto wallet addresses to provide transparency into blockchain activity. For example, Nansen can identify a wallet as belonging to a crypto fund, exchange, or individual investor based on transaction patterns.

Nansen has labeled over 250 million wallet addresses across ten blockchains, allowing users to track activity from specific people and organizations in real-time. Nansen also provides analytical dashboards for assets. For instance, the Token God Mode dashboard shows distribution and exchange activity for a token, while NFT Paradise tracks recent NFT purchases and sales.

By helping builders and investors understand the on-chain activity, Nansen hopes to support the growth of the broader blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.

6. Coinglass

Derivatives make up 80% of crypto's trading volume but can be complicated to understand. Coinglass aims to simplify derivative data analysis for everyday users.

The platform tracks critical information like options and futures trades and volumes. Then, it presents this data clearly through charts and graphs. Coinglass helps users follow market trends and make informed decisions by making complex derivative trades transparent.

Their goal is to improve crypto derivative transparency for traders worldwide. Accurate, easy-to-use data helps us understand this major yet confusing part of the crypto economy.

7. Elliptic

Elliptic uses blockchain analytics to detect financial crimes.

Their software traces transactions across bridges and blockchains to detect money laundering, sanctions evasion, and other illegal activities.

By tracking crypto from the first transaction, Elliptic helps businesses stay compliant and prevent crimes. Their goal is to make the crypto economy more transparent and secure.

8. Alchemy

Alchemy provides a variety of technical resources to assist projects in getting started. Behind the scenes, numerous blockchain applications depend on Alchemy. You may have already interacted with their software if you have used an NFT marketplace or played a crypto game.

Their goal is to make the development and launch of decentralized apps smoother. Alchemy enables creators to focus on their ideas rather than technical hurdles by providing ready-made tools. They aim to drive innovation by supporting the builders and shaping crypto's future.

9. Token Terminal

Token Terminal analyzes blockchain data using TradFi metrics. This allows them to evaluate the performance of crypto projects based on revenue, usage, usage, and earnings.

By applying concepts like tokenomics, markets, and cash flow, Token Terminal aims to provide the most reliable data for investment decisions. Their goal is to move beyond hype and give crypto the same standards used in traditional finance.

With comprehensive yet straightforward data, Token Terminal wants to help users make informed choices when putting their money into crypto projects.

10. DefiLlama

DefiLlama is the world’s largest Defi data aggregator. The platform tracks key metrics for DeFi protocols, chains, and projects. This includes total value locked, usage, fees, yield, and more.

By aggregating data from different sources, DefiLlama aims to provide a convenient overview of the DeFi market. Users can quickly compare and evaluate projects all in one place.

With so many platforms and new projects, DefiLlama helps cut through the noise to identify opportunities.

Data never lies. With the right platforms, you can cut through the hype and decode blockchain signals early.

This list rounds up 10 essential tools for crypto pros to outpace the market. Whether you're analyzing on-chain trends, evaluating projects, or detecting emerging opportunities, these resources provide the intel you need.

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