UTEX Review: Exchange Raining Green for Investors
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UTEX Review: Exchange Raining Green for Investors

5mo ago

1 UTEX allows investors to trade US stocks for USDT, a crypto stablecoin, with a whopping 30x leverage. 2 It has emerged as one of the most fruitful platforms for diversity trading, bridging the gap between crypto and mainstream trading. UTEX is a trading platform with a twist. B...

UTEX Review: Exchange Raining Green for Investors

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UTEX is a trading platform with a twist. But don’t just yet fall for words like “spot” and “margin trading” displayed online. The platform isn’t your regular Joe trading facilitator. It enables traders to trade stocks for USDT, the cryptocurrency with the highest trading volume, and the largest stablecoin, pegged against USD.

Allowing the exchange of stocks as well as cryptocurrencies, it bridges the gap between crypto and fiat portfolios and doesn’t stop there— it can also provide leverage of a whopping 30x! The borrowing limit can go as high as 30 times the trade amount. It comes with many advanced smart tools to help customers make smart decisions resulting in maximizing profit and minimizing risk.

Here’s what may help users decide how much lucrative the exchange is, in a market that often gets mind-boggling due to a multitude of variability.

Can UTEX Make the Difference for Challenges Traders Face Today?

It’s no secret that the market is going through some tough times right now. The reasons – trade wars, layoffs, outright wars, changing industry dynamics – go on and on. Markets are becoming very volatile and uncertain on many fronts. Sure, there are momentary bullish trends, but they don’t fill traders with confidence.

The level of market volatility that traders are experiencing right now is unprecedented. Even the most expensive currencies, including the US dollar, have not been stable lately. This proves once again that you cannot rely on any single investment asset or instrument. An exchange like UTEX, based on the principles of diversity and globalization, is the embodiment of the age-old adage of a “diversified portfolio”. The exchange offers its users a wide range of trading options such as stocks, ETFs, futures and cryptocurrencies.

Hence, the requirement of tools to warn about the lack of liquidity, and protect against unfavorable trade outcomes becomes more of a necessity. Besides, cryptocurrency adoption is proposed as a great solution by experts, especially to preserve wealth, white-powdering, refugee crisis, frustration from the centralized finance system, collapse of traditional banking, failure of central bank currencies etc. UTEX sits right at this bridge of TradFi (traditional finance) and DeFi (decentralized finance).

UTEX Exchange’s Potential for Changing Status Quo of the Trading Landscape

It is the most prolific spot and margin exchange for trading US stocks, in exchange for USDT. It is because it gives 30x leverage on these trades. The exchange creates a different position for itself as it links stock market liquid to the crypto behemoth Tether (USDT).

The platform is a trusted exchange operating with a huge traffic volume every day and gives unlimited access to 4 US markets: NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and BATS. Users have a myriad of options when it comes to deciding on a portfolio, ranging up to different instruments altogether. They can choose from thousands of equity stocks, both public and pre-IPO, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. All these assets are available in Spots, Margins as well as in Futures.

Been around for more than 3 years in the market now, it is supported by an active community of traders and provides a plethora of advantages. So, let’s take a look at the highlights of UTEX that attract the trading community punters.

Margin Trading

The users can trade US stocks and cryptocurrencies from over 50 cryptocurrencies and a holistic list of stocks, both public and pre-IPO. This provides a single-roof medium for diverse investment instruments in the long and short term, thereby allowing the investors to change their strategy as per the market conditions. Traders can use their own funds or leverage up to 30x.

When a client uses margin (a loan from the exchange), he exposes his deposit to the risk of liquidation. The position is automatically closed if the balance is less than 20% of the margin amount for stocks and 30% for cryptocurrencies. The tool is recommended for experienced traders to increase profits. For beginners it is better not to use it.

It should be clarified that Utex has restrictions on trading time – in the morning (pre-market) and at night (post-market). At night, the liquidity on the markets decreases and the spread increases. This creates a risk of manipulation. For the security of client accounts, the maximum leverage for transferring positions during the night is reduced to 2x.

Spot Trading

This particular feature makes the platform perfect for beginners as well as expert-level investors. It has a dual interface— PRO and Simple. The Basic one provides the fundamental directions to the traders along with charts. They learn and place the order to buy or sell. The Extended version executes different types of orders including limit, market, take-profit, stop-loss, etc.

Traders have access to 16 popular cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Stellar, Dash, Ripple, Flow and others. Coins are traded in pairs with USDT and USD. Margin lending and short trades are not available in the Spot section. Assets can be deposited in an external wallet or held on balance.

Price Protection feature

Another unique feature is Price Protection, which gets activated whenever the user sends a large volume market order. To be executed at the order price, there needs to be enough liquidity. But if there is not enough liquidity, the order cannot be sold at the best price, and the trader suffers the loss. In that case, the system automatically returns that part of the order to the user’s account, thereby helping avoid unfavorable transactions.

Spread Warning

Users also receive warning notifications when there are high risks to a trade. This happens whenever the difference between the best buy price and the best sell price is greater than 3%, among all the orders in the spread. This feature protects users against sudden spikes in price.


The exchange has a KYC (Know Your Customer) system for building trust among the users. Moreover, it eliminates the chances of potential tussle with the regulatory authorities. The process has several levels of data sharing to gain trust points. However, the KYC verification is provided by a third party, which disables the company from getting personal data for its profit.

Affiliates Program

This is a referral program where the users can send a signup link to others, in return for 30% of their profit as commission. This is a great reason for the media, bloggers, expert commentators, and users to recommend the platform to their connections.

UTT Native Token

The exchange has its own native token that can be used to trade assets. It lowers the trading fees by a good 50%. Crypto trades can be settled by paying just 0.1% commission. A similar offer is available for pre-IPO futures trading.

UTEX Mobile App

Soon, the company plans to launch a mobile app for trading. This will enable the users to trade on-the-go. It’s expected to integrate all the features and a simple interface, highly customized for a mobile setup. Having a presence already on the exchange would be beneficial for the users to avail potential exciting new offers.

Who is suitable for trading on UTEX?

The exchange is best suited for experienced and risk-averse investors who want to trade US stocks for cryptocurrencies with x30 leverage. If you know how to use stops and minimize your risk, you won’t have any problems.

Or if you are a classic investor who trades Apple and Amazon stocks and wants to get familiar with Bitcoin and Ethereum, then Utex is for you. You can easily and conveniently switch between instruments to take advantage of all market opportunities and diversify your portfolio.

We also decided to look for reviews about the Utex project on the Internet. It is worth noting that the reviews are generally positive and people are satisfied with the experience the exchange provides them.


By allowing traders to buy and sell instruments strategically and safely, UTEX has already started to pay for itself. It helps them trade in a more favorable environment and optimize their portfolio with sufficiently profitable instruments. The range of state-of-the-art features allows market participants to stay ahead of the curve. By skillfully utilizing all the features of the UTEX platform, an opportunistic trader can succeed against all odds.

The UTEX exchange bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and investing in the US stock market. Today, users from all over the world trade on UTEX: Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America without any restrictions.  Deposits are accepted in local currencies and crypto transfers. This makes investing in stocks as convenient as possible.

We have analyzed the platform and recommend you to use the UTEX stock exchange with its unique feature – trading shares of American companies with x30 leverage against USDT. Security, reduced commissions and the ability to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies in one interface is a great option for beginners and experienced traders.
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